Virginia Raggi travels by surprise to Doha: she must meet the Qatari Emir


Mayor Virginia Raggi travelled to Doha, the capital of Qatar, at 4 pm. The objective of the trip is to meet the Emir of Qatar and discuss with him cultural and artistic themes concerning the city of Rome. On the same days the heads of AS Roma will also be in Doha, but there would be no links between the two visits.

After meeting with Pope Francis this morning in Campidoglio, Mayor Virginia Raggi travelled to Doha, the capital of Qatar. Her plane left at 4pm and the return to the capital is scheduled for Thursday evening. The trip was kept secret until the time of departure: the mayor, who left Rome accompanied by her staff, is going to travel to Doha to meet the Emir of Qatar. The subject of the meeting is not yet clear, but it seems that it will focus on cultural and artistic themes. And tomorrow, in Doha, there will also be the leaders of AS Roma: Guido Fienga, Francesco Calvo, Mauro Baldissoni and Francesco Totti. Initially it was thought that there could be a link between the two visits, but Virginia Raggi’s staff denied that they were in Qatar for the same reason. “Virginia Raggi’s institutional mission in Qatar is aimed exclusively at defining and strengthening collaborative relationships in the cultural sphere. Mayor’s visit was defined days ago with institutional commitments and bilateral meetings. During the trip there is no meeting of the first citizen with the leaders of the AS Roma expected, as instead erroneously was reported by some press reports”. Campidoglio announced it in a note. “It should also be noted that the Mayor meets the representatives of the stadium project in Tor di Valle exclusively in institutional settings precisely to avoid any kind of interpretation”.

Pope Francis’ visit to Campidoglio

This morning the Mayor Virginia Raggi hosted Pope Francis’ visit at the Campidoglio. “We will strive to affirm the principles of justice and safeguard the dignity of everybody, while respecting cultural and religious diversity”, declared the first citizen. “Rome should keep up with its tasks and its history, said the Pontiff. Even in today’s changed circumstances Rome must be a light of civilization and a teacher of welcome and it cannot lose the wisdom that manifests itself in the ability to integrate and to make everyone feel as a full participant in a common destiny”. And while Pope Francis was in Campidoglio, in Piazzale Spadolini eleven migrants were picked up by the police and taken to the police station while they were waiting for the volunteers to be able to have breakfast. A fact that was forcefully denounced by the volunteers of the Baobab Experience association.


Source: Roma Fanpage


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