Ramy’s Citizenship. Souad Sbai (Acmid): “Salvini is; a boy does not have to pay for the sins of his uncle or grandfather”


“Salvini’s statements are a bit ambiguous. It seems that he discovered hot water when he said that to get citizenship it is necessary to have a clean criminal record but that is nothing new. But a boy must not pay for the sins committed by his uncle or his grandfather. Citizenship must be a normal process of compulsory education. It is right that those born in Italy who attended school in Italy, at some point get the Italian citizenship. But on the other hand, it is not right to get citizenship by birth.”

These are the statements made by Souad Sbai, president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy, during an interview with Radio Cusano Campus, on the possibility of granting citizenship to Ramy Shehata for civil merits.

It would be right to give Rami a prize like a grant, this would be a wonderful gesture. A nice grant to attend a university during the summer and participate in a course. Unfortunately, this issue is being manipulated on one side and on the other side. Stop using children to make political propaganda on vital questions for Italy! The left, in five years, has not even made the citizenship reform, it has only spoken, because its only intention was to campaign. We must not make the same mistake, we must be more concrete on these issues, on integration. Just create debate but not to campaign continuously, neither on one side nor on the other, “concludes Souad Sbai.



Source: Agenpress


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