Imane Fadil. Souad Sbai does not attack Morocco but the ambassador The former deputy of the PDL does not attack Morocco but its diverted diplomatic circles. Souad Sbai calls is for clarity and justice


Fadil Case: Berlusconi has nothing to do with it. Responsibilities must be searched elsewhere, in a certain high “diplomacy” with which the murdered girl worked and that closed her mouth for fear she could denounce the truth. With this tweet yesterday, Souad Sbai, journalist, former deputy and president of Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy, opened a possible Moroccan trail behind the model’s death.

Souad Sbai, reproducing the information reported in the press, opined that the cause of the death of the young woman could have been a poisoning technique that the journalist knows very well, because in the past she was victim of poisoning.

During an interview with La Repubblica, Souad Sbai states that Imane Fadil’s death could be linked to certain areas of Morocco’s high diplomacy. A circle – says Souad Sbai – where Fadil supposedly worked, attending the Moroccan embassy, ​​like many other young countrywomen who arrive in Italy attracted by internships and apprenticeships in diplomatic offices and subsequently are “enrolled” to carry out dangerous espionage and blackmail jobs. Unless they are “transferred” and liquidated with the technique of poisoning.

These people have no qualms – adds Souad Sbai – they make you drink a glass of something that is colorless and odorless but it contains something similar to mercury, an acid crystal. It seems that you have a disease that destroys you from the inside but in reality you are victim of poisoning. I ask the King of Morocco to clarify this situation.


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