¿Ministro encargado de los marroquíes residentes en el extranjero? Nunca visto Solo en Facebook

Minister of Moroccans living abroad? Never seen. Only on Facebook Moroccans in Italy Association criticize the figure of Abdelkrim Benatiq: a choice made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom


Who is Abdelkrim Benatiq?

Benatiq is a Moroccan trade unionist and politician, he was the founder of the Moroccan Labour party and from April 5th, 2017 he is Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of Moroccans living abroad and Migration Affairs… This is all the information that anyone can fin searching on Google but if you ask a Moroccan residing abroad: who is this minister of the Moroccans (precisely) living abroad? (in fact) in a few, very few, maybe no one, knows him or knows his job. Some of the Moroccan associations in Italy, even Moroccan friends living in our country have confirmed that Minister Benatiq is to them an ectoplasmic figure, adding that here in Italy nobody has seen him. He has never visited our beautiful country to meet his countrymen. This is why some journalists (especially the French-speaking press – referred to him as Minister Facebook, because it appears more on the well-known social than face-to-face. In fact, many Moroccans living in Italy did not even know that they have a minister “all for them”. But the Moroccans residing in Italy are used to these ghost ministries and to non-existent and useless positions. It seems that those who manage the Kingdom did not care about the life in Italy of their own people. Rather, it does not seem, it is. It doesn’t really matter. Moroccans living abroad know it. For this reason they create self-referential consortia regarding their country of origin that they love, remember and respect. But they preferred to have their “Kingdom” here. With doors always open …



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