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Souad Sbai: “Italy also revokes citizenship of foreign fighters”

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De Souad Sbai

“Germany has decided to revoke the citizenship of its foreign fighters and for those German citizens who in recent years have stained themselves with terrorism and have decided to fight in favor of the Islamic State in Syria. When I proposed it, 10 years ago, before the boom of traveling to Syria, everyone turned their noses up.

Better late than never but having made that decision at that time could have been a deterrent against Islamist proselytism and against the enrollment in the ranks of ISIS. Better late than never, especially compared to the fact that the Italian government is not doing the same.

All this in spite of the fact that the bill is already written: I presented it in 2008. The Executive only has to take the text and approve it.

It is time to say stop to do-goodism: those who are stained with terrorism do not deserve to be either Italian or European, “concludes Souad Sbai.”

These are the statements made by Souad Sbai, president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID).


Source: Giovani a destra


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