The shadows of Algiers by Souad Sbai

The shadows of Algiers by Souad Sbai


A documentary book that denounces the dramatic events that were the protagonists of the 90s in Algeria. In the name of extremism, hundreds of thousands of innocent people died during ten years of suffering

The introduction to the book Le ombre di Algeri (The Shadows of Algiers) – published by Armando Curcio Editore – and written by Souad Sbai who, since 1997, is the president of ACMID-Donna Onlus said:

“If you close your eyes for a moment and think about the Algerian female reality, you could mentally visualize a” flower “with broken and raped petals. A flower that survives with difficulty due to the rigid mentality and the extremist culture.

It is impossible to reject the proposal to make a new trip, this time within a country with its own path, with its own history and its own drama. A country that since the independence has been consumed.

It is a question of looking at a flower, a rose that, stranger to the eyes of the Western world, could arouse a feeling of wonder, but also of great sadness and drama.

Algeria is a crossroads: on the one hand it is supported by the culture of the western world and on the other side by the oriental and sub-Saharan culture. It is a country whose reality is so complex that it may seem, in some aspects, very contradictory in the eyes of those who do not know it.

Becoming aware of the Algerian reality means looking into a world that is very different from what Europeans are accustomed to dealing with.

It is a country that balances between the “orientalisms” and the occidentalisms; between the optimistic desire for democracy and the dramatic thrust of the suffocating fundamentalism that long has been oppressing the country.

It is impossible not to be curious about the frenetic life in Algiers where aromas and colors, typical of this city, frame the extremism and violence of the civil war.

This book is a “written” picture that aims to illustrate the division that exists in the Algerian sociopolitical situation that is increasingly clear”.

This is the essence of the book that wants to make everyone aware of the situation that was lived in Algeria because it is something that we must not forget. Because it is something that cannot happen again.



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