The government of change does not change: the pro-Islamist drift continues

The government of change does not change: the pro-Islamist drift continues



By Souad Sbai

The Government of change does not change, in the sense that it continues to not change anything, even in relation to foreign and security policy, where Italy continues to follow its pro-Islamist drift.

In the Report on Italy’s participation in the EU that was registered in Parliament, Conte shows the intention to “continue guaranteeing support for the dialogue between the European Union and Turkey”, defining Turkey as “a strategic partner in many different sectors” and affirming that the enlargement of the European membership to Ankara is an “essential political tool to guarantee the consolidation of democracy”.

It is the traditional position of Italian diplomacy regarding Turkey’s accession to the EU, a position that has already proven to be based on mistaken assumptions. In fact, the insistence on the respect for the so-called community democratic standards allowed Erdogan to put an end to the secular structure on which Ataturk founded the Turkish Republic, replacing the military with the, civil but also Islamist, establishment of his party.

Now that the damage has been done, they also want to allow Erdogan to put his hands on the European institutions. Can you imagine the Parliament with Turkish Islamist deputies linked to the Muslim Brotherhood? It is not a fantasy, it is what could happen if Turkey becomes a member country of the EU. So, why has the government not intervened to change the diplomatic line?

France and Germany have vetoed a similar scenario, and the negotiations related to entry into the EU have so far been a tactical instrument used in the complex interweaving that characterizes their bilateral relations with Ankara.

However, taking into account the increasing European submission to the Islamist axis formed by Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood – also extended to Khomeinist Iran – there is no guarantee that this veto will not fall someday, as the current executive power also officially hopes today.

In fact, Italy seems to already operate in view of the realization of this perspective. Not much time has elapsed since last November 19, the day that took place the famous dinner hold at the Quirinale in honor of the Qatari emirs, at whose service was put practically all the ruling class, including those ministers who had previously sworn, or perjured, to want to counter the Doha regime because of its terrorist financing policies. But later, once in government, the inappropriate business trips to Doha, – of institutional character – and the fact to be the spokesperson of the aforementioned emirs, defining Qatar as an example of moderation after having repeatedly defined the same country as an extremist State.

It is interesting to note the growing divergence between Italian the foreign policy and that of the Vatican. Pope Francis’ visit to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and the signing of the document on Human Fraternity with the Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt, shows the clear choice made by the Holy See in favor of the moderate Arab world. Meanwhile Italy – or rather, its ruling class – perhaps thinks that by positioning itself under the protection of the Islamist front it will obtain its salvation, or above all, immediate benefits.

But the idea of being subject to Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood is not a good deal; It means to open country’s doors to the advance of the Islamist agenda, which avail itself os this opportunity to proselytize and recruit new followers from thousands of mosques (mainly illegal), pseudo-cultural centers and aggregations centers scattered from north to south in the Italian peninsula. Why does the current executive power show so much indifference, or complacency, towards this serious phenomenon?

Some of its most important representatives think that it is a true betrayal of voters’ expectations and that it is reasonable to ask for a satisfactory explanation of why no changes have been made regarding Italy’s position on Turkey’s entry into the EU. Let’s hope with faith…


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