Doha and Tehran’s Arm in West Africa: Nigerian Hezbollah


The Hamadein regime has infiltrated into West African states in an attempt to implement an Iranian agenda. Doha sought to add a new terrorist arm, beside Boko Haram, with the aim of destabilizing and corrupting the presidential elections in Nigeria, reported QatariLeaks.

Doha has been involved more than once in igniting the region, have done everything to tear apart the countries of the continent and looted its oil wealth to control the resources of West African countries after destabilizing them.

According to Qatarileaks, Iran and Tamim sponsored the followers of Ibrahim Al Zakzaky, known as the Nigerian Hezbollah, to be the devil’s arm in the Nigerian city of Zaria.

Doha has cooperated with Tehran and Hezbollah to infiltrate Abuja and raise the tension in West Africa. They have funded supporters of Zakzaky since 2015 with arms and ammunition, increasing clashes between the Shiite movement and the Nigerian authorities.

The Middle East Institute for Studies has uncovered a tripartite scheme to fund the Lebanese Hezbollah in order to train Nigerian militias in southern Lebanon, as well as stepping up officials in command centers to train recruits in Nigeria.

The Emir of Qatar is going to visit West African countries, in a tour considered by some as an attempt to regain influence may be lost in East Africa, while others see it in the context of a Qatari effort that has been there for years to support of extremist groups and militancy in the continent to complement the Turkish support to Al Shabaab movement in Somalia and other terrorist groups.



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