Human Rights: 27 February, Souad Sbai and Mario Mauro in Latina


“Following the solidarity initiative for Asia Bibi promoted by the Forum, which saw the City of Latina join Bologna, Rimini, Florence and other Italian cities to demand freedom for the imprisoned young Pakistani mother – says Benedetto Delle Site, head of the working group – on 27 February we want to be the promoters of a moment of exchange and reflection and with the participation of two important guests, who have always been committed to the fight against the violation of fundamental rights and who have a deep knowledge of the international situation.”

A moment of dialogue on the fight for human rights in the world, through an itinerary that, starting from the cases of Asia Bibi and Sana Cheema in Pakistan, arrives to the persecution in the Middle East and the repression in Venezuela.

The event, organized by the “Civil Rights – Youth Discontent – International City of the Youth Forum of Latina” working group, will be held in Latina on Wednesday, February 27 at 5:00 pm at Sala De Pasquale of the Palazzo Comunale.

Along with the representatives of the youth universe, to take part in the event entitled “Violated Rights – From Asia Bibi to Venezuela: the fight for human rights in the world” will be Souad Sbai, Moroccan journalist and activist for women’s rights and for the rights of religious minorities and Mario Mauro, former vice-president of the European Parliament.

“We thought – continues Delle Site – to organize a public event that constitutes an opportunity for conversation, dialogue and deepening. It is also planned the participation of some educational centers that are implementing different projects to promote human rights in the territory.”

The goal is to know, sensitize and act, in a world – concludes the head of the working group “Civil Rights – Youth Discontent – International City – where freedom is being trampled and where, especially our generation, is called to intervene in order to protect the great value of human dignity.

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