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Averroè Study Center Awards Ambassadors of Peace 2019


An event that was attended by institutions, professionals and personalities distinguished themselves by promoting dialogue between the Arab culture and the Western thought.

The celebration of “Ambassadors of Peace 2019 Award” organized by “Averroè” Study Center was held on Friday, February 22, in the suggestive scenario of Casale Tor di Quinto.

Souad Sbai, an Italian citizen who was born in Morocco, president of “Averroè Cultural Center”, journalist, writer and promoter of the event, was in charge of doing the honors.

The event began with the reading, by the actress Anna Mazzantini, of some works by Averroes himself, a Spanish Muslim philosopher who during the wave of religious fanaticism that took place in the late twelfth century, was exiled and controlled until his death. The philosopher, a great admirer of Aristotle, argued that there is no conflict between religion and philosophy.

Three highlights of the evening:

The first one took place when “Acmid Donna Onlus Prize” was awarded to Mira Daher, Ambassador of Lebanon in Italy.

Later was the turn of the appointment of three new “Ambassadors of Peace”: the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Adriano Segatori, the quality director in the Lazio Region Stefania Moretti and the artist Pietra Barrasso.

And finally, the awarding of “Averroè” Study Center Prize to people characterized by the adherence and cultural deepening of the values ​​carried out by the Center and by the organization through activities aimed at increase the sense of citizens’ commitment, as well as characterized by their contribution to promote integration projects between the Arab culture and the Western thought, to spread peace in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and to fight against extremism and terrorism.


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