February 22: “Ambassador of Peace” Award


The “Ambassador of Peace” Award is back, a recognition with which, every year the “Averroè Cultural Center” awards the personalities of civil society distinguished themselves in a special way by their contribution to promote integration projects between the Arab culture and the Western thought, to spread peace in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and to fight against extremism and terrorism.

The celebration of “Ambassador of Peace” Award 2019 will take place in Rome, on Friday, February 22 at 7:30 p.m., at Casale Tor di Quinto. Admission only by invitation.

Souad Sbai, an Italian citizen who was born in Morocco, president of “Averroè Cultural Center”, journalist, writer and promoter of the event, will be in charge of doing the honors.

The Center, which is inspired by the Spanish Muslim philosopher Averroes, is a project created by ACMID-DONNA ONLUS (Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy) with the aim of creating a meeting point between all those people who wish to explore issues related to the culture in the Maghreb and to the political and social aspects of the Arab world, in order to spread and make that the affirmation of a moderate Arab culture is a must.

The center is inspired by the figure of the most influential Muslim philosopher in Spain who, during the wave of religious fanaticism that crossed al-Andalus in the late twelfth century, was exiled and controlled until his death.

This award is more than a recognition, especially considering that last year it was assigned to three personalities engaged in several fronts and able to instill in every activity the broadest spirit of cohesion and sharing of the ideal of peace: Adriana Cantiani, Ciro Paparo and Laila Maher. Now we just have to congratulate the new Peace Ambassadors.


Roma Daily News



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