Peace in the Mediterranean


From Martina Margaglio

“Averroè” Study Center is responsible for promoting integration projects between Arab culture and Western thought, spreading peace in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, fighting against extremism and terrorism and supporting moderate Islam and freedom of expression. Thanks to its strategic position between East and West and as a meeting point for the cultures that revolve around the Mediterranean, Italy is the ideal place to host the Averroè Cultural Center.

Souad Sbai, president of the Averroè Cultural Center, journalist, writer and outstanding political figure, an Italian citizen originally from Morocco, is in charge of representing the philosophy of the Averroè Cultural Center. She gave life to a unique initiative in Italy, with the support of academics and experts.

Mission and activities

Averroè Cultural Center is a place for the promotion of study and research activities, for the training and information on issues of common interest between the East and the West. In fact, it is the goal, the goal of all those who wish to explore issues related to Arab culture and sociopolitical aspects that involve the Middle East and North Africa.

The main objective of each initiative carried out by Averroè Cultural Center is to promote the culture of human rights – especially women’s rights – and moderation as a starting point for the development of a fruitful intercultural and interreligious dialogue, so that worlds, with different histories and traditions can meet, understand and enrich each other. The work made by Averroè Cultural Center is characterized by its fight against extremism and radicalization, as well as its commitment to the true immigrant integration.

The conferences, debates and thematic meetings organized by the Averroè Cultural Center – with the participation of members of the world of politics, the media and civil society coming from both sides of the Mediterranean – aim to spread a correct and truthful knowledge of Islam and Arab culture in its different forms of expression, from the artistic to the most popular.

At its headquarters in Rome, cultural and musical events, book presentations, film screenings are held and there is a multimedia library with publications in Arabic, Italian and French on topics of philosophy, religion, anthropology, sociology, history and popular culture.

Each year, the Averroè Cultural Center celebrates the “Ambassador of Peace” Award; an award given to personalities of civil society distinguished themselves in a special way by their contribution to achieve the objectives that constitute the Center’s main mission. “Ambassador of Peace” Award 2019, will be held in Rome, on Friday 22, February (7:30 pm) at Casale Tor di Quinto. Admission only by invitation.


Together with Averroè Cultural Center there is the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID). Acmid’s main objective is to support Moroccan women living in Italy, providing a wide range of services aimed at informing and protecting them, supporting them morally and juridically against violence and offering them training, education and job orientation. Founded in 1997 by Souad Sbai, ACMID, of which today Leila Maher is the honorary president, also organizes Italian language and culture courses, cooperation and exchange activities between Italy and Morocco and cultural and artistic events.




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