Souad Sbai: We must pay more attention to the worrying advance of the jihadist phenomenon


The extremist project of the Islamist organization has extended its influence in Europe and in the United States.

The threat of Islamist extremism does not only involve the Middle East. In fact, the Muslim Brothers have also increased their influence in Europe and North America, thanks to the financial and political support received from the Emirs Al Thani’s Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey.

The publication

The journalist and writer Souad Sbai has been in charge of shedding light on the true face of the Muslim Brotherhood in her latest book”The Muslim Brotherhood and the conquest of the West. From Istanbul to Doha, the red line of jihad”

Souad Sbai, was part of the Italian Parliament, she is an activist that fight against extremism; She is the president the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy and of Averroè Cultural Center, that carries out research, training and information activities on crucial issues such as radicalization and terrorism. Souad Sbai knows extremism and the Muslim Brotherhood very closely due to she has received death threats on several occasions. However, Souad Sbai has never stopped denouncing what the true intentions and operative methods of the organization are and she has explained them clearly in the pages of her book, where she talks about jihadism again. Her previous work, “ISIS, behind the scenes of horror”, is also dedicated to jihadist terrorism.

The plot

Souad Sbai’s latest book, “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Conquest of the West” begins with the finding of a document of extraordinary importance in Switzerland in 2001. The document, called “The Project: The Conquest of the West” was found in the house of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Youssef Moustafa Nada. This text, written in 1982, explains in detail the organization’s goal, that is, the Islamization of Western society.

Souad Sbai carefully analyzes this document which is almost unheard of – the only book on the subject before Souad Sbai’s book is “La conqête de L’Occident” by Sylvian Besson, a French-Swiss journalist. Souad Sbai notes that “The conquest of the West” is a disconcertingly current document. Obviously, the dominant theme is proselytism, indoctrination, the conquest of the land of “infidels”, religious hegemony and – in a special way – the financial aspect.

Critical view

With her articles, interviews and lectures, Souad Sbai has spent years spreading the alarm sent by Besson also in Italy and her new book responds to the need to keep the debate alive and spread a greater awareness among the public and among experts. The Muslim Brotherhood and the States that sponsor the terrorist organization are a threat.

The red line of jihad is the one that unites Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Islamist alliance that has already sown the death and destruction in the Middle East hidden under the disguise of the Arab Spring and which currently represents the greatest threat to peace and security of the international community

The Association

Acmid-Donna Onlus: the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy that was born to support immigrant women. Souad Sbai founded ACMID in 1997 with the aim of promoting friendly relations between Moroccan and Italian women and cultural and social relations between Italy and Morocco. Among the many initiatives and activities organized by the association highlights one: “Mai più sola” (never more alone): the toll-free number 800 975 174, headed by Leila Maher and Adriana Cantiani, available 24 hours for anyone who needs to report abuse, violence or receive psychological and legal support.


Journalist, teacher and writer, Souad Sbai is also the president of “Averroè Cultural Center” and of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy. She was a member of the Italian Parliament and of the Italian Consultation of Islam and for years has been fighting against extremism and in favor of women’s rights and of the integration of immigrant communities. She is the author of a large number of books such as “Le Ombre di Algeri, ISIS. Dietro il palcoscenico dell’orrore “(The shadows of Algiers, ISIS, Behind the stage of horror”, “Rashida, the Italian apostate” and “Ostaggi dell’Integralismo” (Hostages of Integralism).

Her latest book, “The Muslim Brotherhood and the conquest of the West. From Istanbul to Doha, the red line of jihad” (2018), was published by Armando Curcio Editore and now it is available the fourth edition.

The alarming mission of proselytism.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the main Islamic transnational organization and Al Qaeda, ISIS and the whole galaxy of extremism and jihadist terrorism are based on it. The organization was founded in the twenties and has carried out an enormous work of penetration in the religious, sociocultural, political and economic fabric of the countries in the Middle East, with the aim of establishing fundamentalist regimes.

The revolts that went down in history as the Arab Spring were the result of a plan to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria, triggering a domino effect to overwhelm the entire region before starting with the expansion in the West and globally. The growth of its proselytizing activities has caused the increase of the terrorist threat in Italy.

The book: The Muslim Brothers and the Conquest of the West

A geopolitical analysis of jihadism in the world. The Muslim Brothers do not act alone. The Islamist alliance with Qatar and Turkey has provided financial, political and media support – just think about Al Jazeera – necessary to unleash the supposed revolutions of the Arab Spring, erroneously interpreted as democratic. The plan failed but the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and Turkey are the same.

While the Arab world is making enormous efforts to try to break this red line of jihad, Europe continues to yield to the Qatari economic adulation and Erdogan’s threats, allowing the Islamist agenda to continue moving from within. Souad Sbai talks about it in her book “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Conquest of the West. From Istanbul to Doha, the red line of jihad.”


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