Violence against women: Appeal to find the missing Moroccan woman

Violence against women: Appeal to find the missing Moroccan woman


By Martina Margaglio

Nadia Lazraq is a young Moroccan woman who suddenly disappeared from her small town, Carpaneto Piacentino (Pc). There has no news about her for a long time. Her boyfriend is desperate: he cannot understand what has happened to his Nadia.

“I’m desperate; I do not live anymore,” said the young man who has been looking for her for six months. Nobody knows where Nadia is. Nobody know if she is in Italy or in Morocco, if she is alive or dead, if she continues to live freely as she has always lived. It is feared that someone could have kidnapped her and even confined her.

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, the Moroccan Women’s Association  in Italy (ACMID) decided to appeal to the Italian and to the Moroccan institutions in order to shed light on this matter and be able to find the woman and bring her home.

Souad Sbai, president of ACMID made the following statements: “We want to know where Nadia is and what has happened to Nadia. We have prepared a complaint to be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to ascertain what happened. Nadia is a woman who always lived in a free and modern way. There is no more time to waste: we must investigate what has happened and, above all, find Nadia.

We appeal to the Italian government and to the Moroccan government, to King Mohammed VI, to collaborate and mobilize in order to discover the truth and, above all, to find the woman.” concludes Souad Sbai.



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