Woman murdered in Pakistan. Souad Sbai: No more violence against women!

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“Lack of certain evidence: with this motivation, a Pakistani court acquitted the father, uncle and brother of Sana Cheema, a 25-year-old Italian-Pakistani girl who was forced to leave Brescia in April 2018 to be wed in an arranged marriage in the country of origin of his family.

A sentence that arrives despite the fact that while the investigations were ongoing, they confessed, but later retracted, probably once they understood that they could get their way,” said Souad Sbai, president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID) who added: “unfortunately, even today, every year, millions of young women all over the world are victims of abuse, discrimination or forced marriages, including minors. And, obviously, there are countries where the “crime of honor” still exists. It can no longer be allowed, it’s time to say once and for all: That’s enough!

Europe and the international community must take charge of this serious plague, with all the difficulties involved in the matter, and prohibit these practices throughout the world.

While waiting for this to happen, we must defend women like Sana Cheema, because perhaps it was allowed to take her too easily from Italy to suffer this atrocious fate. In fact, unfortunately, there are many women who are taken away or who even disappear completely. For example Nadia Lazraq, a young Moroccan woman who suddenly disappeared from her small town, Carpaneto Piacentino (Pc). There has been no news about her for a long time.

We appeal to the Italian government and to the Moroccan government, to King Mohammed VI, to collaborate and mobilize in order to discover the truth and, above all, to find the woman,” concludes Souad Sbai.

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