Qatar buys penthouse owned by a corrupt Venezuelan identified as Maduro’s “figurehead”


Qatar has bought a penthouse owned by a corrupt Venezuelan, New York post reported.

Three other properties linked to well-connected suspected fraudster Raul Gorrin were sold to new buyers before he was indicted last year, and they now could be seized, reported Qatarileaks.

Raul Gorrin is a Venezuelan media tycoon with ties to Nicolas Maduro’s government, a politically connected Caracas businessman, owner of Globovision news network.

But unit 3802 at 60 Riverside Blvd. will not suffer the same fate — although Gorrin sold it even after he was charged. The buyer is a member of the ruling family of Qatar, the Persian Gulf nation that hosts the biggest US military base in the Middle East, according to records and a source with direct knowledge of the transaction.

It’s unclear why the property wasn’t targeted.

Early in his administration, President Trump denounced Qatar as a “funder of terror at a very high level.’’ Then he softened his stance last year and welcomed Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to the Oval Office, calling him a “great friend.”



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