Souad Sbai and his successful book

Souad Sbai and her successful book


By Martina Margaglio

There is a red line of the almost imperceptible jihad, through which organized extremism expands in the world. A journey that starts from Istanbul and arrives in Doha, passing through the hidden financing and dangerous relations between Qatar and Turkey, involving jihadist movements in Syria and Iraq but also in the Western world.

Therefore, a project of Islamization of the new generations – from Morocco to the West – carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most important international Islamist organizations, founded in 1928 by al-Hasan al-Banna, in progress over the time in Ismailia, Egypt.

Souad Sbai, as a journalist and writer walks us through the murky world of the Muslim Brotherhood with a lot of details, documents and with his own testimony as an expert in the field, in his books, as for example in “The Muslim Brotherhood and the conquest of the West: from Istanbul to Doha, the red line of jihad”, published by Curcio Editore. An accurate and exhaustive analysis able to reap the success that led the publisher to launch the fourth reissue.

Souad Sbai’s book begins with the discovery in the house of the Swiss banker of Egyptian origin, Yusuf Nada – investigated for being one of the main funders of Al Qaeda – of a 14-page document called “The Project”. Souad Sbai explores the geography from Islamic extremism to the present, linking it with the current affairs and civil disorder that affect the world: the transition to the East, the Egyptian renewed Egypt between Sunnis and Shiites, the techniques of deradicalization aimed at breaking the thread of proselytizing.

It is not a coincidence that Yusuf Nada is considered the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of the Muslim Brotherhood and it is not a coincidence that the document was found in 2001, shortly after the terrorist attack against the Twin Towers. The Project was designed to be a long-term program, devised in 1982, to conquer hegemony in the West.

That same West, weakened by its own relativism, victim of the exasperated multiculturalism wanted by a part of Europe and that, in a certain sense, hates itself and hides its own Christian roots.

Souad Sbai is an Italian politician who was born in Morocco and who is a former member of the Italian Parliament; she is the president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID). Always engaged in the fight against extremism in Italy and in Europe and in the forefront against violence against women, the author knows the Muslim Brotherhood very well because she received several and repeated death threats because of their battles. Souad Sbai also worked as a special correspondent in the Moroccan magazine Urbain from 1990 to 1995 and is the editor-in-chief of Al Maghrebiya Italy, a web portal in Arabic and Italian dedicated to the Arab communities in Italy.

An influential voice, free and independent, but above all, clear in the explanation of a complex phenomenon on which we are playing the future of humanity and the democratic balance of the planet.



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