Sanremo Souad Sbai (ACMID): “Mahmood is a 100% Italian man with an exemplary story”

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Sanremo Music Festival 2019 ended with Mahmood’s victory. It was, as often happens, a very controversial edition, especially because of televoting results, overturned by the jury made up of journalists and the Italian-Egyptian singer’s victory.

Souad Sbai, journalist, highly esteemed writer and president of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID) also talks about Sanremo:

“I am not going to enter into the controversy regarding the mechanism that decreed the winner of Sanremo Festival because many things have already been said and it is not my responsibility,” said Souad Sbai.

The popular vote always deserves respect, of course, but I want to emphasize that I cannot underestimate a man like Mahmood who, contrary to those who praise the Islamization of Italy, is an example of integration.

He is a 100% Italian man, -continues Souad Sbai. Alessandro Mahmood has a a Sardinian mum, he was born and bred in Milan and he does not preach the Islamization of Italy but he talks about our nation, and in particular about Sardinia, transmitting love, emotion and deep respect. The same words in Arabic, contained in the text of the song, are phrases of love and certainly not of hate. Those who believe otherwise are wrong and obviously do not understood the text of “Soldi”, nor do they know the author’s story.

Mahmood and Ultimo represent two different stories, but equally beautiful and important; the story of two young men who love music, write songs with never banal lyrics and without hypocrisy, and who face life chasing their dreams. It’s a pleasure to see them both on the podium of the Italian Song Festival” said Souad Sbai.

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