The letter. Souad Sbai: “Yes to the bodyguard to Ruotolo. No scandal when it is taken away from a rightist woman”


“I appreciate the journalistic work carried out over the years by Sandro Ruotolo and, for this reason, I think that the decision to withdraw the escort that was assigned to Ruotolo after receiving threats from the boss Zagaria, is unacceptable. Do not mess with the life of those who fight for civility.

However, I also think that the double standards with which certain people intervene to defend only those who recognize as an icon of their political party is ridiculous and incorrect. The left is always ready to protest and manifest itself when a representative of its own intelligentsia is touched, but the same thing does not happen when the escort is removed to other people who are also in danger. A sort of “Red Cross”, “red rescue” that sometimes comes from those who ask for amnesty for terrorists like Cesare Battisti.

I am sorry to create political controversy, but there are things that must be said: there cannot be children and stepchildren. I repeat, reassigning the protection to Ruotolo is sacrosanct, but the revocation of the protective escort service cannot cause a scandal only when it is good for the left. I am surprised that there has not been the same media uproar for the same procedure to the detriment of Colonel Sergio De Caprio, also called Capitano Ultimo, who arrested Totò Riina and who had to resort to the regional administrative court in the midst of such a general silence.

I have been denied protective escort despite receiving threats from ISIS and Islamic terrorists. Obviously, no one is scandalized if to be in danger is a right-wing woman who tries to open Italy’s eyes to Islamic radicalism.”

Souad Sbai, former member of the Italian Parliament and President of the Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy (ACMID)


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