Qatari government school textbooks teach anti-Semitism


Jewish NGO Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reveals that Qatari government school textbooks teach anti-Semitism.

The government of Qatar has a longstanding and problematic record with regard to promoting or enabling anti-Semitism.

ADL found a passage in these books asserting that most Jews in the world believe in seeking world domination.  In particular, a high school lesson on Judaism teaches that Zionism “has no relation to the Jewish religion,” according to ADL.  It goes on to elaborate that Zionism “has managed to convince most of the Jews in the world of two things: First, to set up a state for the Jews in Palestine. Second, Jewish control over the entire world until it is their dominion” ADL cited from the textbooks that were written in Arabic.

One of the books says that Judaism is an “invalid, perverted religion” and that the Torah teaches Jews to “kill, steal, deceive, and engage in racial supremacy,” the Jewish NGO said. The book also teaches that non-Muslim “infidels” are “combatants” whom God has mandated Muslims to fight. That textbook also calls for killing sorcerers and chopping off thieves’ hands.

ADL went on to call on the US to assert pressure on Qatar to follow through a Statement of Intent that both countries signed that called for the support of “shared ideals of tolerance and appreciation for diversity.”



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