Reasons for the Bodyguard

Souad Sbai

By Costantino Pistilli

The security guard has not been withdrawn to the journalist Sandro Ruotolo. It is the right choice. Days ago, the journalist wrote a tweet where he said that his bodyguard would be withdrawn and therefore he would become an easy prey of organized crime because of the investigations and journalistic reports that he has made over the years. In some newspapers it has been written that the protective escort would have been removed by the holder of the Viminale since Ruotolo could have a card up his sleeve that could get Matteo Salvini into trouble.

The story, therefore, was taking a purely political course. Ruotolo is a worthy journalist, but it is undeniable that he has always played “on the left”. We know all his “companions”. If it is a purely political issue, I understand why the security guard has not been reassigned to a witness of truth and a staunch defender of human rights, like Souad Sbai, former member of the Italian Parliament. However, the journalist who was a member of the Italian Parliament with the PDL (the Central Office for Personal Security was “invented” by the government of Silvio Berlusconi just after the controversy that arose after the attack against Marco Biagi) who defends women’s rights through her Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy and that opens the eyes of men and women with the intellectual work produced by her Study Centre Averroé, this praiseworthy woman, has run out of protective escort.

For years, Souad Sbai has been the target and the victim of Islamic fundamentalists, those who put bomb and behead people. When she knew that she had been abandoned by the strong arms of the State, to which she herself has served and continues to serve, that she was no longer protected by the institutions that she protects through her work, she vented on the microphones of Radio Campus Cusano: “I suffered two serious attacks, I was physically attacked, last week I received threats that are being investigated by the Digos. This is a strange country. I have not done anything more than open my eyes of Italy before the Islamic radicalism. Suddenly, four days after the departure of Marco Minniti, I find myself from one day to the next without an escort. Salvini has not done anything about it either. Maybe someone wants to see me dead.”

It is sad to hear these words; It is disappointing to witness State’s indifference towards this woman whom the fanatics of radical Islam do not forgive because she was a member of the Viminal Islamic consultation, because she criticizes the use of the integral veil in our country, because she unmasks “imams and mosques do-it-yourself “, because she denounces the nations that finance terrorism – such as Iran, Turkey and Qatar – because she wrote and writes, debates and exposes the Islamist terrorism, in our country and abroad, to defend women who are victims of Islamic machismo.

Souad Sbai, a woman who fights to remove women from the veil or violence cages, is not at all happy to be forced to live under escort because of the malice of strangers who could attack her at any time: “Do not think that the protective escort is a privilege, perhaps it is a privilege for those who do nothing, but for those who are persecuted by ISIS and Islamic extremism it is not a privilege. TV no longer call me; they want to isolate me and then attack me. But I will not get in the game; I am against Islamic extremism in Italy because I want to defend my country,” she told Radio Cusano Campus.

Who will defend this woman from the violence of Islamic fundamentalists? The same ones who took away the escort from Colonel Sergio De Caprio, also known as Capitano Ultimo, who arrested Totò Riina and who had to resort to the regional administrative court in the midst of such a general silence? Why the Italian State – and in the first place the Viminal – that offers the security escort service to 600 Italians employing 2070 agents, cannot restore protection to Souad Sbai? She has all the rights and the State has all the responsibilities. She is a special daughter of this nation and in this nation she is in danger. She lives and works to open people’s eyes, however, some people pretend they do not see the wealth of resources that this woman has and the danger she is exposed to. And there are people who turns the head away; Maybe to the “left”.

The only mistake made by Souad Sbai was to stay on the right side of Italian political history; apparently the wrong side. The left is always ready to protest and manifest itself when a representative of its own intelligentsia is touched, however the same thing does not happen when the bodyguard is withdrawn to other personalities who are also in danger. A sort of “Red Cross”, “red rescue”. Perhaps she should have frequented more radical chic salons and surround herself with more “companions”. Alert! Awake! Here a woman is being condemned to death – as she says – and if the executors would have to be the radical Islamic fanatics, it is clear that the condemnation process was previously issued by Montecitorio.




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