United Arab Emirates: a gap in the Islamic world

United Arab Emirates: a gap in the Islamic world

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By Souad Sbai

Al Jazeera, Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood: these are the only voices in the Arab world that do not applaud Pope’s visit and words to the Emirates. It is the demonstration that the Islamic world is divided in two and Pope Francis clearly indicates which party is in favor of a dialogue.

Pope Francis’ visit to the United Arab Emirates has been exalted as a historic moment by the media worldwide, with the sole exception of Al Jazeera but this is certainly not a surprise. On the other hand, the slap in the face to the Qatar regime has been to make understandable and evident its attempt to throw shadows and mud on an event whose figures put the Doha emirs completely naked, nailing them to their responsibilities to the international community.

In the context of the current Middle East scenario, by embracing the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Sheik Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Pope has explicitly indicated to the whole world the identity of the source of extremism that has devastated the region and its people: Qatar, Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, in a growing pan-Islamist convergence with the Iranian Khomeinist regime.

It is certainly not a coincidence that Pope Francis, in his speech at the Global Conference on Human Fraternity, mentioned the conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

The destruction of Syria and Libya is the bloody fruit of: the will to power of the emirs of Doha, Ergogan’s neo-Ottomanism and the projects of conquest of the Muslim Brotherhood, hidden under the disguise of the Arab Spring. Meanwhile in Yemen, through the Houthi militias, the Ayatollahs who hold the Iranians hostage for 40 years continue to occupy an Arab country, including the capital Sana’a, with the support offered by Qatar behind-the-scenes.

By pursuing its own hegemonic ambitions in the Middle East, Tehran is also pushing the post-ISIS Iraq towards the path of the new extremism, the one carried by the network of militias headed by the Pasdaran, the guardians of an Islamist revolution that in 1979 triggered the race towards extremism throughout the Muslim world.

The exercise of manipulation to which Al Jazeera has resorted by associating the Pope’s “refusal” against such situations of conflict to the United Arab Emirates’ involvement in them is therefore evident. If there is and there has been a participation, particularly in Yemen and Libya, it is exclusively due to the need to fight against the territorial advance of the forces of the new “pole” of world Islam. Faced with the belligerence of the Houthis that, in fact, have invalidated the recent peace agreement reached in Sweden with the legitimate government in the framework of the United Nations, only the uninformed followers of Al Jazeera can believe that the Yemeni humanitarian crisis – “the worst in the world” – was “triggered by the intervention of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their allies.”

In addition, the impact on the Emirates that “massively recourse to foreign workers” who do not have “any path of naturalization” is paradoxical and certainly outrageous to the memory of the 5,000 victims of the slavery regime imposed on foreign labor working in the construction of the stadiums and structures that will host the next World Cup.

This is a fatal blow to the already poor journalistic credibility of the media superpower in the hands of the emirs of Doha, that passed easily from receiving the support of Osama bin Laden to that of Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s In Syria.

It is not easy for the international Islamist community that revolves around Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey, to digest that Pope Francis has signed the document on the Human Fraternity with the Grand Imam of Al Azhar and not with the sheikh of terror and tele-preacher in Al Jazeera, Yusuf Al Qaradawi, “spiritual” guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is automatically excluded from the notion of Fraternity promoted by the document. In fact, it clearly denounces the instrumentalization of the religion and of the sacred scriptures for terrorist purposes, which until now has been the modus operandi of the Islamist organization, whose preaching constitutes the ideological nature of contemporary terrorism from Al Qaeda to ISIS.

Because of this exclusion, the Muslim Brotherhood is particularly resentful, to the point of expressly condemning Pope Francis’ visit to the United Arab Emirates through the new president of the World Council of Muslim Ulema, Ali Al Qaradaghi, successor of Al Qaradawi . Al Qaradaghi accused Pope Francisco of legitimizing Abu Dhabi despite being a State that violates human rights and supports the coup d’état against the freedom of the people: an obvious distortion of reality, which instead sees the trinomial Qatar, Erdogan’s Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood still insist today, after having failed with the Arab Spring, on promoting the idea of ​​regime change or the establishment of Islamist dictatorships in the Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa.

The attack on human rights is due to the fact that the ego of the emirs of Doha cannot bear that Pope Francis has defined their hated United Arab Emirates as a “model of coexistence and meeting between different civilizations and cultures.” However, instead of the vanity and arrogance of Hamad and Tamim Al Thani, Pope Francis prefers Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s sobriety, who is viewed in Abu Dhabi as the privileged interlocutor of the Church and of the Christian communities in the Middle East.

The heir to the throne of the United Arab Emirates has proved to be an enlightened leader, open to cultural exchange with the West (just visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi to understand it) and to integrate the various components of the ethnic and religious melting pot that animates the life in the country. A leader who symbolizes the main part of the Arab world, the one that has definitively closed with the Muslim Brotherhood and that firmly opposes Qatar, the country that continues to sponsor the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, the doors of the Human Fraternity remain open to everyone and it would be very easy for Qatar to access them, putting an end to the financing of religious extremism and terrorism, as underlined in the document signed in Abu Dhabi document. But a miracle is needed to achieve it.

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