Yemen: meeting between the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels


While Pope Francis continues to launch appeals – also during his recent visit to the United Arab Emirates – to end the war that has afflicted Yemen for years, the Houthi rebel forces (financed by the Iranian regime) and the Saudi-led coalition met a few hours ago in the port of Hodeidah, on the Red Sea, where about 80% of the humanitarian aid is sent to the Yemeni population of Yemen and where, frequently, attacks carried out by rebel militias financed by the ayatollahs take place in order to turn the Yemeni nation into a new Lebanon and the bloodthirsty Houthi into the new Hezbollah, to be operative between the Persian Gulf and Africa (very close, too close, is Al-Shabaab’s Somalia, where Qatar is investing huge amounts of money and giving away weapons).

Meanwhile, the Houthi have claimed responsibility for an attack on Saudi forces in northern Yemen; This was reported by Al-Masira TV, spokesman for the rebels, that talked about “Saudi soldiers killed and wounded” without giving further details. Therefore, the efforts made by the UN (that organized the recent meeting between the two warring factions) Vatican’s appeals are of little use.

Meanwhile King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has distributed 48 tons and 100 kg of food baskets in directorates in Al-Jawf governorate in Yemen, benefiting 3,900 people.

KSRelief on Monday also delivered in Aden the third batch of a consignment of medicines and dialysis solutions to the National Program for Medical Supply of the Yemeni Ministry of Health.

Program Director General Dr. Suad Awadh Al-Misri said that the consignment will be distributed to the governorates of Mahweet, Hajjah, Aden, Taiz, Ibb, Marib and Hodeidah, benefiting dialysis patients. She said that she appreciated the efforts of KSRelief, its medical aid and medicines provided to health centers and hospitals so that that they can provide health services to patients.

In addition, KSrelief distributed shelter aid in the directorate of Nahm in Sanaa governorate in Yemen. The aid included 100 tents, 600 blankets and 200 rugs, helping 100 families. As many as 2,501,897 Yemenis benefited from medical services provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) in 2018, the Saudi Press Agency reported. Last year, kidney centers in Hadramout received some 56 tons of medical supplies from KSRelief.

The center provides health services to all Yemeni people in coordination with the Yemeni authorities and local and international partners.



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