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Qatar buys (also) Lebanon: Doha will buy Treasury bonds

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Qater e LibanoQatar’s expansionist ambitions have no limits. The Middle East is a market that is always open, where there is no money here Doha arrives to pay the coffers of the crying states, even if the rates to be paid to the State of the Muslim Brotherhood are rather high and not the terms of money but human conscience : doing business with Qatar does business with those who also export terrorism. Now it needs Lebanon, where Qatar will invest up to 500 million dollars in Lebanese Treasury bills to support the country’s economy. During the economic summit of the Arab League of Beirut, which was concluded yesterday by the Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani said: “We hope that the Lebanese Republic will become stable and prosperous and that the economy will resume its path. The region needs a strong and prosperous Lebanon “. Above all, the Lebanese political party Hezbollah will prosper, included in the list of terrorist organizations in various countries of the world, which will enjoy fresh money from Doha, in particular to expand its hegemony in Syria, orphaned even by the United States, where the terrorist movement Lebanese has already taken root and where it is dividing the areas with Turkey by Erdogan, another beneficiary of the aid of Qatar.


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