Welcome to the multicultural Europe of the Muslim Brotherhood

Welcome to the multicultural Europe of the Muslim Brotherhood


By Souad Sbai

Islamist fate is advancing inexorably in Europe. Meanwhile, politics, institutions and the great media sector struggle to discuss the deficit and migration, and the victories achieved by the groups directly or indirectly related to the Muslim Brotherhood and the States that sponsors it, Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey pass by unnoticed. These are political victories ranging from judicial field to social and educational field, that contribute to the creation of a parallel system only for Muslims in European territory, according to the deceptive logic of the so-called multiculturalism so loved by some lefts of struggle and government.

I would like to quote some of the most recent victories: the European Court of Human Rights ruled that “it is not forbidden to create separate groups that follow the Koranic norms”, in response to an appeal from Greece made by a Muslim woman for an issue concerning the succession rights. The paradox is that the Court’s ruling intervened to correct a “mistake” previously made by the justice of Athens, that ruled in favor of the primacy of sharia over the Greek legal system, despite both the woman and her husband settle the dispute on the basis of civil law. The incredible motivation of the magistrates was that, the Muslim minority in Greece, is governed by Islamic law since the twenties of the last century. Subsequently, the European Court agreed with the woman, who was granted the right to receive part of her inheritance according to Greek law, but at the same time officially legitimized the application of sharia in Europe, for joy of the Muslim Brotherhood and company.

The Court distinguishes the compatibility with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which last year celebrated 70 years, but the relativism that has also taken possession of the world of law makes this distinction very fragile, as shown by a new sentence, this time it is a German brand. The Federal Court of Justice, the most important Court in Germany, has in fact expressed itself in favor of the constitutionality of early marriages. To ratify their total inadmissibility in the numerous cases that emerged among Syrian refugees, the Parliament passed a law that fixes the minimum age for marriage in Germany at 18, canceling all the wedding celebrations when one of the spouses is under 16 years even if it was celebrated abroad. The law was necessary to annul the effects of the judgment made by a regional court and to rule against the validity of a marriage between two cousins, he is 21 years old and she is 14, who were separated at the time of their arrival in Germany in 2015, since their union did not conform to German law, but the Court overturned this approach because the marriage was contracted according to the rules in Syria. Parliament’s intervention was underestimated by the Federal Court; It does not matter if the early marriage constitutes an evident violation of the rights of children and girls, enshrined in several international conventions that are based precisely on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For the German legal system, this is not an unexpected development, since over the last twenty years there have been numerous judgments that have legitimized discriminatory practices in the field of inheritance rights, domestic violence and polygamy. Therefore, all this makes us think that Germany is condemned to continue on this path in the name of multiculturalism. From this point of view, Great Britain, where the Muslim Brotherhood has established and rooted numerous fiefdoms, followed by northern European countries such as Denmark and Sweden, played a pioneering role in the creation of parallel systems.

Italy has not granted fundamentalism self-evident and self-destructive victories in legal terms. However, the lack of a law on the prohibition of wearing the veil that covers the face in public places, the frenzy of the left in favor of the opening of mosques controlled by the networks of the Muslim Brotherhood that defend the implementation of policies ideological and irrational migration policies together with the latest implementation of the teaching of Arabic in elementary schools for second-generation children, have laid the foundations to establish a parallel system dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood also in Italy.

Multiculturalism has already shown that it has failed to ensure peaceful coexistence in Europe. Its consequence has been a greater spread of the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood within the Islamic communities, whose bitter fruit has been the terrorism of Al Qaeda and ISIS. The bitter fruit will be the overwhelming of European societies at the hands of parallel systems created by multiculturalism.


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