Saudi women’s Associations contacted Acmid, chaired by Souad Sbai, to create a network

Juventus-Milan? Saudi Arabia plays to get women’s emancipation and wins Saudi women’s Associations contacted Acmid, chaired by Souad Sbai, to create a network

Souad Sbai

The match that will be played between Juventus and Milan will not be just the match between two clubs that challenge to win the Italian Super Cup, no, this match will be much more than a sports challenge because in Saudi Arabia another more important game will be played: women’s emancipation. Much has been said about this football challenge and there have been many lies, bias, which are clouding, as smoke bombs thrown by ultras, the historicity of this sporting event (but people look the other way if we talk about other States, such as Qatar, official sponsor of terrorism, with which they “play in a friendly way”).

Why is it so important to play this match in Saudi Arabia?

Because we are witnessing a progressive development of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

Because now women can finally drive a car: a big step towards women’s emancipation because with the end of the driving ban will increase women’s financial power and will allow them to play a more important role in economic and social diversification, explained important Saudi businesswomen.

Because it is not true that Saudi women cannot go to the stadium: women who will attend the King Abdullah Sports City, the stadium where the final of the Italian Super Cup will take place, could be 15 thousand. A rather high number considering that the female public is allowed to attend sporting events only since January of last year.

Because many Saudi women are interested, motivated and determined to create a network with other women who do not live in the Kingdom, especially those who preside over associations for the defense of women’s rights and single women who are asking women in the European Union to create a network. Saudi women also contacted Acmid Association (Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy) chaired by Souad Sbai, journalist, writer, former member of the Italian Parliament and responsible for defending women’s rights in Italy, and not only. Souad Sbai welcomed the invitation received from the Saudis to create a network “of and among” women with the aim of achieving their complete emancipation in the Kingdom.

“As a woman and as president of Acmid, I am happy and proud to have been contacted by these Saudi women: we share the same battles and we have the same desire and enthusiasm to work together and create a network,” said Souad Sbai. Women in Saudi Arabia are living the dawn of a new Kingdom. For example, as confirmed by Leila Hafiz, an Arab-Italian woman, her father is Saudi and her mother is Italian, who talked with Sky Sport about the historic moment that women are living in Saudi Arabia. “There are restrictions, it is true, but compared to the past, I consider it a step forward”. One of the best days of her life was when, at 16, her father for the first time let her go out alone to take a coffee with her friends. “For me it was a incredible moment of freedom.” At that time, it was unthinkable that a woman could drive or go to the stadium. “Today women open businesses and manage them. To witness these changes for me is something very beautiful.”

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