Battisti in Italy and the problems of the left that are damaging the country

Battisti in Italy and the problems of the left that are damaging the country


By Souad Sbai

After the end of his long escape from justice – favored by the dense network of the international left, with illustrious figures such as Mitterrand and Lula at the head – it is right that victims’ relatives, police and all the actors involved in the operation, including Ministers Salvini and Bonafede, rejoice. And it is legitimate that the Ministers seek to obtain benefits from the political point of view. However, the interests of the electoral campaign do not support his obsessive search for visibility linked to the case.

Battisti is not a head of state or government and therefore, the presence of the aforementioned Ministers at Ciampino airport has been institutionally out of place. Furthermore, the triumphalist tones would be justified if the current terrorist threat linked to the jihadism and extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood and the local or imported organized crime had been defeated. However, the victory of the State is very far in both situations and Battisti’s arrest does not contribute in any way to make progress in this direction. Some tasks end up inebriating those who cover them while the head should be kept low and focused on solving problems that have a real and negative impact on the present and on the prospects of the country.

On the other hand, in order not to reduce the scope of the Battisti case to a simple launch and relaunch of Tweets, we must address the question about communism and its influence in the Italian history to present day because the benefits that Battisti has enjoyed are often the same that currently allow extremism to advance its agenda in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

The teaching of Arabic in elementary schools; the new mosques in Milan and Turin; the ideological do-goodism in migration policies and the laxity in the management of public order: with the left of which “the communist murderer” Battisti is a product, the accounts remain open and to close them would offer the opportunity to solve a significant part of the problems that hit the country today, reversing the path to decline that, unfortunately, was undertaken long ago.



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