Libya: the president of the High Council of State has spent 193 million dollars to finance Daesh and al-Qaeda

in Le Brevi/News Uk

A leak reveals that Khaled Al Mishri, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and head of the Supreme Council of State, has spent over 190 million dollars to finance Al Qaeda and ISIS. The head of the Investigations Bureau at the Attorney General’s Office, Siddiq Al-Sour, has requested the Higher Judicial Council to dismiss council member, Nasr Ali Hassan, who is currently Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority, until completing investigations with him. Al-Sour pointed out that the investigations were conducted after obtaining permission from the competent authority. Khalid Mishri’s goal is to destabilize the country, which already has a precarious domestic condition, and allow the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to the political control of the nation in order to keep Europe hostage (just think of the phenomenon of immigration), the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa through the weapon of Islamist terrorism.

S.H.D. e C.P.

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