Libyan customs say seize over 20,000 Turkish guns


Libyan authorities on Monday seized more than 20,000 Turkish guns inside a container in the city of Misurata’s port.

“A 20-foot container carrying Turkish pistols has been seized. Inside the container were some household items and toys as camouflage,” said a statement issued by Misurata’s Customs Department.

“Some 556 cartons were found, and each contains 36 pistols,” the statement said.

Last month, Libyan authorities seized two shipments of arms from Turkey to the port of the western city of Khoms.

UN Support Mission in Libya expressed concern over the shipments, saying that UN Panel of Experts is expected to look into the two seized shipments.

In January 2018, Greek Coast Guards announced that they seized a ship with the flag of Tanzania carrying materials used to make explosives while it was sailing to Libya.

The UN Security Council has imposed a ban on the sale and supply of arms to Libya since 2011.

Source: Xinhua


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