Terrorism: in the United Kingdom, brain scans to prevent radicalization. In Italy, Souad Sbai has been conducting courses on the same subject for several years

Souad Sbai presidenta del Centro Alti Studi Averroè

It is not poverty, religious education or mental illness, which pushes an individual to join the ranks of ISIS, but the main factor that leads “that individual” to dedicate his/her life to death, to terrorism, is social exclusion. This is the discovery that emerged from an investigation carried out by an international group of intellectuals, as reported by the Daily Mail, which sees the presence of professors from London’s universities thanks to brain scans performed on some Islamic extremists by some researchers after identifying 535 young Muslims in Barcelona (where in the attack of August 2017, 13 people died and 100 were wounded) to those who arrived through ethnographic research and psychological analysis. 38 agreed to undergo a brain scan. Nafees Hamid, one of the authors who led the study on the behavior of the ISIS jihadists, commented on the research: “The manipulation of social exclusion has especially influenced the non-sacred values, increasing their similarities with the sacred values ​​in terms of lower left frontal activity increasing the expressed will to fight and die. Therefore, when the values ​​considered “sacred” are violated, hostility becomes impossible to administer. Social exclusion can be a relevant factor that promotes violent extremism and the consolidation of sacred values,” and the sanctification of values ​​could prevent radicalization.

Even in Italy, the phenomenon of the Islamic radicalization has been studied for years. Since 2016, the Averroè Study Center, whose president is Souad Sbai, a writer and former member of the Italian Parliament, organizes de-radicalization courses, taking advantage of the studies and experience of prestigious experts from the United States, Europe, the MENA area and throughout Italy. ; some courses that, in Italy, that are unique and among the first of their kind to be held. In fact, the results have been excellent: over the years, more than a hundred people have participated, including professors and university students, members of the security forces and secret services … However, the uniqueness and excellence of the de-radicalization courses carried out for years by the Averroè Higher Study Center have not attracted the attention of the previous government to which has been proposed to expand the scope of these courses but it did nothing. Thanks to the tenacity of Souad Sbai, the Averroè Study Center continues and will continue offering its courses; this month Averroè will present a report on extremism and radical terrorism in Europe and in some interested countries. We will keep you informed…




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