No demagogy on terrorism

No demagogy on terrorism


By Souad Sbai

After having attacked him harshly, today I must defend the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, against the Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta.

Public condemnation of Islamic extremism and of terrorism generated by Islamic terrorism, as Salvini has repeatedly done with Giorgia Meloni, does not mean condemning Islam as the minister of 5 stelle wants us to believe. The difference is very evident and the Minister should know it. A sensitive issue should not be used to generate political controversy. Minister Trenta should explain to the Italians, for example, what de-radicalization programs she has decided to implement for foreign fighters returning from Syria and for the other jihadists who are in Italy.

In the absence of concrete initiatives, the Minister continues to take refuge in the usual stereotypes about how ISIS is fought, forgetting to mention the role that the Muslim Brotherhood continues to play in the indoctrination of jihadist terrorism.

Political leaders must be judged according to their actions and not on the basis of their words: minister Trenta has failed in both cases.


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