Terrorism: ISIS prompts to hit the Vatican


Some websites of different press agencies show us the disconcerting news about the new threat to the West from ISIS: against the United States, the Vatican and Indonesia.

The slide is part of pro-IS productions, ISIS-linked group or Isis-aligned group. Unlike last year, the supporters of the Islamic State seem to ignore the Christmas period by focusing on New Year’s Eve. We recall that there is no connection between the operative media of the central core of the terrorist organization and the sympathizers of the pro-Is groups. It is the only sent by the Islamic State through its Hydra channels (al-Naba, Islamic State and Amaq of Central Media Diwan) to have the necessary authority to trigger detachments or to consecrate their operations for planned and large-scale attacks. However, in most online threats, this distinction has not always been detected.

Talking about Indonesia, there is also something new about threatened subjects, for the first time ISIS supporters directly threaten women, in this case she is a Policy Analysis of Conflict specialist, Nava Nuraniyah, and Sidney Jones Director of Policy Analysis of Conflict.

Finally ISIS has posted its justification to the use of orange jumpsuits for inmates: they are a sign of protest for the detainees in Guantanamo and to remind the Crusaders that what they do to the mujahidin, will be applied by ISIS to the Crusader prisoners in his hands .

CP and SHD


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