Roma say “NO” one more time to the terrorism

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Souad Sbai

“Qatar does not conceive the way of democracy and freedom, and for this sends its agents to spy on those who protest against extremism that the Doha regime is trying to export to Italy, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, but we will not stop. Souad Sbai, journalist and writer, President of the “Averroè” Study Center and leader of the “Anti-Qatar Movement” , yesterday December 5, held a sit-in at the Doha Embassy in Rome, after protests organized in front of Parliament and the Quirinale against the visit of the Emir Tamim Al Thani.  “We are here to say to Qatar that there are many Italians, women and men, who do not intend to submit to the dictates of those who finance terrorism and systematically violates human rights,” explains Sbai. “However, Al Thani is on wrong way if he thinks that we will stop our remonstrance, ordering his secret services to photograph and build a file about the exponents of the Movement. We will not give in to intimidation and threats: we will continue our resistance, because the only road to Qatar is the one that leads out of Italy ” In fact, during the early stages of the event, a photographer was noticed, immediately resumed by the on. Sbai who immediately recognized him as a member of information agencies or of Al Jazeera TV, owned by Qatar. The journalist first qualified himself as a French freelancer then moved awa. soon after he was seen on the roof of the embassy where, together with other people, he resumed with cameras the entire event. An attempt to infiltrate the movement to try to overthrow the activists’ morale. The Qatar secret services are active in Italy, as well as in the world, to create inconveniences in order to facilitate the entry of their government through the rich fundings in dollars from oil and gas, with which they gain the favor of governments, various bodies and brains to bend to their interests. This happens every day in Europe to the same extent that happens in Africa and even beyond the ocean and not take it into account through our national intelligence and cybercrime organization would be a mistake that could lead to disasters that can not be solved at the economic level, that social. The yellow waistcoats of the “Anti-Qatar Movement” will continue their campaign with new protests and sensitization activities aimed at both the public and the political world. “From the squares the Anti-Qatar Movement will soon enter the institutions. The honeymoon between the Doha regime and the Italian government has its days “, concludes Sbai

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