2022 World Cup: Qatar uses an NGO to spy on rivals

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The International Center for Sports Security (Doha International Sports Center) has made a name for itself in the fight against corruption. But Football Leaks (famous website for fans of football intrigue, and not only …) has unveiled the hidden face of this association financed by the State of Qatar that collaborates with the UN, the Council of Europe or the Sorbonne. In April 2015, the NGO organized the spinning, in Lausanne, of the godfather of world sports: the Sheikh of Kuwait al-Sabah.

And while the organizing committee continues to amaze with futuristic structures of great impact, humanitarian organizations all over the world continue to denounce the inhumane working conditions to which workers are forced, and not only, in the various construction sites. There are reports by Amnesty International according to which nothing has changed in recent years, with Qatar continuing to exploit and enslave the foreign workers engaged in the construction of various infrastructures. They are mostly Bangladeshi, Indians and other South-East Asian nationalities, they do not have the right or the slightest chance to change their social status.

This world championship in Qatar should not be done.

Costantino Pistilli

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