Interview with Sbai: the government is wrong to underestimate the danger of the Qatari “sweet” Islamization in Italy

Interview with Sbai: the government is wrong to underestimate the danger of the Qatari “sweet” Islamization in Italy

Souad Sbai, journalist, writer and expert on Islamic terrorism and integration policies, talked to “La Voce del Patriota” and explained the details of the relations between Italy and Qatar, analyzing the dangers hidden behind the development of increasingly important links between Europe, Bel paese and the Emirate of the Arabian Peninsula.

Souad Sbai recently wrote an article in La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana about the relations between Italy and Qatar and the “sweet colonization”. Is Doha colonizing us?

It would be more appropriate to say that we are letting ourselves be colonized. The Italian ruling class is consciously leaving open field to the “double direction” strategy implemented by Qatar. On the one hand, through its huge investments, Doha regime continues to buy everything and everyone, especially the complacency in the world of politics, the economy, the media and other strategic sectors in the Italian system. This complacency means that Qatar is allowed to finance illegal mosques, pseudo-cultural associations and self-styled imams belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, spreading extremism and radicalization throughout Italy. One thing must be clear: the Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist organization, to which both Al Qaeda and ISIS owe their conception from an ideological point of view. To realize this fact, it is enough to follow the historical thread of the jihad that starts with the birth of the organization in Egypt in the 1920s and reaches our day in Qatar, the great patron and banker of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Doha’s regime aims to dominate both the Middle East and Europe through the dense international network set up by the Muslim Brotherhood. From this point of view, Italy has demonstrated to be a very easy target: at the famous “lunch of State” held at the Quirinale in honor of Al Thani clan’s emirs, the Italian ruling class was present and very happy to submit to the advance of the Islamist agenda set up by Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, in exchange for economic benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that Qatar has established its main base in Europe in the “Bel paese”, and it is not surprising that the Muslim Brotherhood has the largest number of members belonging to the Islamic community in Italy.

What are the “bitter fruits” caused by the process mentioned in the article?

More Qatar and more Muslim Brotherhood means more terrorism: this is the “bitter fruit” of the “sweet colonization” to which Italy has been submitted by its ruling class without resistance. The recent arrest of a new aspiring suicide bomber in Sardinia is another demonstration. In fact, the threat of terrorism in Sardinia is a consequence of the Qatari massive presence in the region, where investments made in the most different sectors – from tourism to health – serve to spread the extremism and the radicalization set up by the Muslim Brotherhood with the willingness of the local stakeholders. And later, police and security services are who intervene to put an end to the terrorist plots that are increasingly widespread throughout Italy as evidenced by the arrests carried out a few days ago in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo, as part of the investigation regarding the arrest of a radicalized Egyptian young man who is also an aspiring terrorist. We cannot forget the long list of arrests and expulsions that has taken place throughout the boot during this year.

Why does Italy receive the Emir with honors and does not mention the closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood or the financing of Islamic extremism?

Just a while ago, the propensity to promote organizations and members linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in politics and civil society came only from the left that traditionally shares with the ideological hostility towards the West with the Muslim Brotherhood, albeit with a different perspective. Likewise, only the left considered Qatar as a point of reference in the Arab world because of its support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Today, however, the consensus base in favor of Qatar and of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the center-right, has increased and that is demonstrated through the considerable progress that Italy’s “sweet colonization” has achieved. Qatari petrodollars have been a decisive factor and, in the middle of the indifference for the future of the country, the ruling class is legitimizing Qatar as a privileged interlocutor in the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood as a privileged interlocutor within the Islamic community in Italy, to the detriment of the moderate component.

Souad Sbai, were you surprised due the sudden change made by Salvini who, until 2017, claimed to be against Qatar and against any initiative funded by this State in Italy claiming that mosques occupied the first position?

I am deeply disappointed especially due to the Italians who believed and continue to believe in him as a leader able to stop the decline and revive the country.

What do you expect from this government regarding sensitive issues such as the fight against Islamic extremism, especially taking into account the recent ambiguous position on the Global Compact for Migration?

I think that this government will not take any action to stop the Qatari financing of extremism and radicalization in Italy and that it will not take measures to stop the proliferation of illegal mosques, pseudo-cultural associations and self-styled imams that belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. The DDL “security and immigration” approved by the Chamber is the classic panacea that completely ignores the origin of the problem: the extremist ideological background of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is widespread throughout Italy and gives a push to terrorism thanks to the financial support that come from Qatar. About the Global Compact for Migration, I hope that Salvini will not change course again. The UN initiative will give a greater push to the illegal immigration that extremism uses to infiltrate terrorists and as a recruiting base to radicalize new members.

Source: La voce del patriota


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