Lorenza Formicola

ISIS terrorists reorganize themselves in Italy


By Lorenza Formicola

The man arrested today during a police blitz in the province of Nuoro arrived in Sardinia from a refugee camp in Lebanon and apparently has a residence permit. The operation, carried out by the men of the Nocs, led to arrest a man who was planning to attack on the Sardinian island.

The man, with Palestinian documents, was arrested while he was driving a van in Macomer. Today’s blitz is the epilogue of a long period of surveillance in which special vehicles, canine units and a large number of agents monitored and delimited the territory before intervening and being able to do it safely. The Digos (General Investigations and Special Operations Division) in Nuoro and Cagliari conducted the investigation with the coordination of the Cagliari DDA.

The detainee: a 38-year-old Islamic man; a lone wolf affiliated with ISIS who was going to disperse poison for rats. Deputy prosecutors Danilo Tronci and Guido Pani requested precautionary measures that were authorized in a few hours by the magistrate Lucia Muscas due to the high risk of the criminal project.

Supposedly, the terrorist’s plan, affiliated with ISIS, consisted in poisoning drinking water with a topicide. The Nocs waited for the man to leave home this morning to act: the policemen arrested and immobilized the terrorist when he got into a van, before he could leave. Apparently, one of the objectives of the Palestinian terrorist was an army barracks that aimed to attack with poison or chemical weapons.

“In the light of what happened, we are very worried, we want the police to reassure us with their presence and increase vigilance to give us peace”; These are the words said by a merchant from the Macomer center talking with ANSA. “In recent years, he adds, we have witnessed the arrival of several families of non-EU citizens on the streets behind Corso Umberto and we welcomed them without prejudice. But now, we are worried because we see new arrivals and we do not know who they are or what are they doing. Today’s arrest, if it is confirmed that he is a terrorist, does not make us feel comfortable. We say yes to non-EU citizens who work but we want to be protected from those who intend to put illegal actions into practice.”

In Macomer will be born the first repatriation center in Sardinia, in the former prison called Bonu Trau, which can accommodate up to one hundred immigrants who land directly on the island.


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