Rome: Hundreds of people say “No” to the visit of the Emir of Qatar

Roma: Cientos de personas dicen “No” a la visita del Emir de Qatar

Last Saturday, November 17, hundreds of people joined forces and voices to say “no” to the emir of Qatar Al Thani’s official visit to Rome that will take place on November 19 and 20.

Souad Sbai – writer, journalist and president of the Centro Studi Averroè and of Acmid-Donna Association – decided to organize this successful demonstration in order to raise awareness among society (Italian and non-Italian) and open the eyes of those who still do not see the threat posed by Qatar and Qatari money. “We are not going to keep a close eye on the Qatari funding aimed at strengthening jihadist terrorism and extremist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Qatar is the main supporter, as reported by Amnesty International in the 2108 Report on Human Rights,” Souad Sbai said.

“The emir of Qatar is not welcome in Italy. He cannot buy us; Our principles are not for sale. We cannot open the Quirinale to the Emir of Qatar; We cannot legitimize the religious and cultural terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood and we cannot allow that cancer to spread throughout Italy. We will continue to fight to put an end to the Islamist terrorism made by Doha’s regime and the Muslim Brotherhood “declares Souad Sbai while she talks about reports like the last one made by Amnesty International.

But Souad Sbai is not alone because this is a struggle that involves everyone. Hundreds of people toured the streets of Rome and protested in front of Montecitorio (Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic) to prevent Italy from opening the doors to terror and from selling the land, culture and Italian roots in exchange for a handful of petrodollars stained with blood. Money stained with the blood of the workers who build the stadiums where the World Cup will be held in 2022. In 2022 there will be luxurious stadiums but right now there are concentration camps, slavery markets where people die while the whole world is silent and looks the other way so as not to anger the Qatari emirate. Money stained with the blood of the victims of Islamist terrorist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood that receive huge amounts of money from Qatar.

Western governments should follow in the footsteps of Souad Sbai and say “no” to Qatar, say no to jihadist extremism because the price of being sold to the Emirate is too expensive and because there has already been too much innocent blood spilled. Blood collected in thousands of complaints made around the world.

Qatar buys the artistic, cultural, touristic and strategic heritage of Italy, Spain, the West, and through these acquisitions it slowly infiltrates society, politics, and the media in order to impose its norms and laws, the Islamic Sharia law and they can do that because the customer is always right; especially when he is as good a payer as Qatar …

Italy, Spain, France is selling its soul to the devil, that at a very good price because if the Qatari devils do not lack money. The problem is that a few fill their pockets at the expense of others selling innocents’ soul, future and hope. But there are people like Souad Sbai and the hundreds of people who met on Saturday who are not for sell.

Spain, Italy, the whole world must join Souad Sbai and say “no” to terrorism, “no” to the countries that finance and consequently provoke jihadist terrorism, “no” to human rights violation. We must join the struggle carried out by Souad Sbai and the hundreds of people who on Saturday said “no” to the visit of Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to Italy, the thousands of associations that defend human rights and denounce the States as Qatar that systematically break international laws, that do not respect human rights and that cause suffering, death and destruction. We can not allow our governments to invite the emir of a country whose main objective is to conquer the West, that is, to conquer us. We must not allow the horror banker to step on our soil.

We must defend our roots and not confuse integration with submission; your freedom ends where mine begins. Souad Sbai from Italy has started the fight.

Spain, Europe, the West, the whole world should open their eyes to the truth and close the door to terrorism.

C.P. & S.H.D.


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