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Together to say NO to Qatar


By Vincenzo Cotroneo

Very successful participation, resounding and powerful, in the event organized by Souad Sbai, president of the Center for Higher Studies “Averroè” and of Acmid-Donna Cultural Center, on the occasion of the state visit to Italy of the Emir Al Thani scheduled for November 19 and 20 in Rome.

Hundreds of people (members of associations for the defense and protection of human rights, the Women’s Committee in Italy and citizens) crowded the square in front of Montecitorio – a symbolic place chosen by the organizers of the event – challenging the first cold in Rome, to say “No” to Emir Al Thani’s state visit and to sensitize the population about the lack of protection and respect for human rights in the Emirate. Qatar is currently known in the Middle East as one of the main funders of the international Islamist terrorist organizations, first of all the Muslim Brotherhood, a organization banned in MENA but allowed in Qatar and in its political partner, Turkey.

Thanks to Souad Sbai’s force and tenacity, many attendees were able to express their “no” to the Qatari leader’s visit, peacefully and with extreme determination and conscience, using clear and direct slogans.

A new appeal was made to the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to start a new path in the relations between Italy and Qatar, far from the adulation of Arab dollars and more oriented to demand respect for human rights and to end up with the funding of Islamic terrorist groups.

During the protest that took place in the midst of a climate of union and patriotism, the latest acquisitions of artistic, cultural and strategic heritage (transport and tourism) carried out by the Emirate in Italy were enumerated. Acquisitions that led to the enrichment of a few groups, the loss of jobs and, above all, the loss of identity.

We denounced the economic surrender of Italian politics before the emirate but there was absolute silence, guilty and without apology. There have been a lot of international complaints against the emirate, including the report Amnesty International Report 2017/2018 (https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/POL1067002018ENGLISH.PDF) that devotes pages and pages to Qatar and to the humanitarian crimes committed by the Emirate against workers, women and children.

It was reported the total lack of interest – economically piloted – in the slavery work conditions suffered by the foreign workers who build the buildings that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Amnesty Report talks about inhuman conditions, thousands of deaths due to the lack of security measures in the workplace, non-payment and about seized passports that prevents workers from leaving the country.

Despite the complaints made by Amnesty and many different organizations that dedicate their efforts to protecting human rights and defending the most vulnerable individuals, Italian politics and major newspapers, have attached little or no importance to the matter.

The government accused of supporting and protecting the leaders of Islamic criminal organizations and of exploiting the workers who build the stadiums and who cannot leave the country, is about to be received with honors at the institutional buildings in our country.

Protesters’ vocie was heard strongly. We are not for sale. The emir is not welcome. These are the shouts, banners and slogans repeated aloud from the square in front of a desert and silent Montecitorio. Silence: the exact representation of the total lack of awareness of Italian politics in relation to the current socio-political conditions of the Emirate.
This manifestation of protest and social conscience that bears the signature of Souad Sbai was very successful. Souad Sbai, once again, convinces and sensitize the population with her continuous battle against international terrorism and sources of terror.


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