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The Head of State must not open the doors of Quirinale to the Emir of Qatar

Rome, November 19-20: “The Head of State should not open the doors of Quirinale to the emir of Qatar,” says Souad Sbai – journalist, writer, former member of the Italian Parliament and rights human activist – in reference to the meetings scheduled between President Sergio Mattarella and Tamim Al Thani on the occasion of his visit to the capital.

Qatar has long been under the lens of the International Community for funding terrorism and extremist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, for human rights violations and for the violent repression against the internal opposition denounced by the UN and by organizations such as Amnesty International. “This is the profile of a rogue State, with which Italy should have no relationship,” explains Souad Sbai, president of the “Centro Studi Averroé” and of the Moroccan Women in Italy Association.

In accordance with the principles established by the Constitution, “Italy must refuse to welcome the leader of a country that tramples on democracy, freedom and human rights and that currently represents the main threat to peace and security in an area with strategic importance for national interests, for the Mediterranean and for the Middle East.”

The questioned business trip to Doha by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, preceded Emir Al Thani’s arrival. “Through the weapon of its huge amounts of financial resources, Qatar is buying the condescension of the world of politics, economy and other sectors of crucial importance for the Italian ruling class, who seems to have eliminated any defense against the advance of the Islamist project made by Doha regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, “warns Souad Sbai.

“Therefore, I appeal to President Mattarella’s great institutional sense to revoke the decision to receive the emir Al Thani, thus taking advantage of the opportunity to start a new course in relationships between Italy and Qatar.”

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