The Grand Finale: “Golden Aster Book” World Literary Award

The Grand Finale: “Golden Aster Book” World Literary Award

This Saturday, November 10th, at the “Cittadella della Musica” in Civitavecchia (Rome) will take place the grand finale of the “Golden Aster Book” World Literary Award at 6:00 pm.

An event organized by Aster Academy International, under the patronage of the Municipality of Civitavecchia.

A literary prize in large numbers: more than 3000 writers from all over the world and more than 500 members of all nationalities. Selena Casamasima will conduct the event. An even with live music played by “Mystical 2.0”.

The creator of the event is the writer Alessio Follieri, editorial director of the monthly “Gazzettino Italiano Patagonico” directed with the writer Gaetano Amato who supported him in the conception and development of the project, as well as the International President of Aster Academy International, cultural association international that has created and promoted the award.

There are different award categories: edited and unpublished essays, edited and unpublished poetry and narrative. And the Special prizes: “Donna dell’Anno”, “Un libro un film”, “Un libro per il sociale” and “Eccellenze”.

An event that will be attended by: actress Francesca Chillemi, (godmother of Aster Academy International) actress Ira Frontén, Michele Cucuzza, director Giorgio Amato, Rai journalist Roberto Amen, the president of ITFF Piero Pacchiarotti, Francesca Patti, etc.

It will be an evening of music and literature to be held in Italy. The “Golden Book” World Literary Award, since the opening of the international call, has marked incredible numbers, thousands of contacts from all over the world, significant participation from South America and Spain, with numerous members from every nation, Germany, France, United, United Kingdom, to the distant Republic of Laos, Madagascar, Costa Rica, to name a few.

The president of Aster Academy Alessio Follieri said: “It is the first edition of a world literary prize that quickly ranks among the most important literary awards in the world due to the participation and interest shown internationally.

The possibility of transforming these great cultural events into projects for charity is a source of pride for the Aster Academy. Also on this occasion we try to achieve the funds for the Aster Sociale and its volunteer projects.
To make culture and at the same time to transform an artistic activity into an event to do charity is something that can be done! ”

The appointment is on Saturday November 10 at 18:00 in Cittadella della Musica in Civitavecchia, free admission until full capacity is reached.


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