Protests in Tunisia to denounce the secret organization of the Confraterni

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Last Wednesday, hundreds of Tunisians asked to reveal the secret organization of the “Renaissance” movement of the Brotherhood and condemned the negative role of the Brotherhood in the process of democratic transition in Tunisia.


Tunisian politician: The Brotherhood has provided political and legal coverage for terrorism

According to the correspondent of “eye news”, hundreds of politicians of different ghosts met, as well as lawyers and independent, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior in the Tunisian capital, to ask the file floats every time in the limelight of events before being clouded by the Brotherhood in the countryProtesters condemning the negative role of the Brotherhood in the process of democratic transition in Tunisia slogans condemns the dubious practices of the Brotherhood, which was confirmed following the recent disclosure of the existence of documents confirming that the movement of “Renaissance” secret mission of murderers, liquidation of opponents military apparatus.


In a speech during the vigil, the Tunisian parliamentarian Ayman al-Alawi said that “the Nahdha movement is pursuing a path contrary to the interests of Tunisia”.


Al-Alawi said the movement “has never stopped associating with the Muslim Brotherhood”. Al_ain. On October 8th / October this, the public prosecutor announced that the judiciary pole anti-terrorism (competent forum) in Tunisia, the opening of a judicial inquiry data on the involvement of “Brotherhood” in the country, with the murder Opponents Shukri Belaid Mohammed Brahman, through a secret device.In 2013, the United States classified the group as a terrorist organization following its involvement in the assassination of the US consul in the Libyan city of Benghazi on 11 July 2012, and the attack on its embassy in Tunisia.