Khashoggi and the Phantom coup against Bin Salman

in News Uk

by Vincenzo Cotroneo

Andreotti said that to think bad is a sin but almost always you do not. And today, almost at the same time two notes come out in reference to the murder of the Saudi journalist Khashoggi. One of Erdogan revived in Italy by the Huffington Post and one of Khashoggi’s sons, released during an interview with the broadcaster USA Cnn, and relaunted by Ansa. The children of the journalist, Salah and Abdullah describing the father as a brave and generous man, demanded the body for a worthy burial, emphasizing the hope that whatever was the mode of murder, this was fast and painless. Just and human hope, as right and human, the desire to return the remains to allow the normal course of funeral celebrations. But, the normality of this story stops here. The remainder is an alterate of declarations and behaviors that inevitably pass in a color that is more appropriate to this kind of international intrigues, the grey, dark. Typical of those situations where the dead who escapes us, is often an “engagement” to allow maneuvers and political declarations otherwise questionable and more than contestable. In this case, the dead Khashoggi. The current press note of the Turkish President Erdogan leaves further room for doubt and veered slander against the young heir to the Saudi throne, Prince Bin Salman, leader evidently unwelcome in the Ottoman land, and also at home especially on that side ( Remarkable) of the family that has been ouched from the affairs of state and recluse in luxury hotels, confined outside the sphere of influence of the country. Bin Salman represents for Turkey, Qatar and most of its own family, a major obstacle, each for different reasons. It represents a political antagonist of difficult management because of its seculalist inclinations, and strategic approaches to Israel and the United States. The willingness to make the Koranic norm less binding and thus enlarge the number of large partners and investors in the country, makes it in fact not manageable and makes it impossible to enter on the playing field of the rest of the components of the original household or Reigning families of Emirates and neighboring countries. It represents the brake to an expansion of Islamism with that clouded load of territorial war duties and not that it carries with it, the total defeat of the idea of a great sultanate able to elevate itself to modern controller of the “Islamic Thing”. The declaration of Erdogan “the order to kill Khashoggi has arrived from the highest level of the Saudi government”, is rather circumscribed, since, immediately, the same Turkish president holds to clarify that it does not speak of King Salman, by defining friendly the Relations between the two, and appealing him as “guardian of the Holy places.” But if the king is not the recipient of this declaration, nor are the other relatives expelled from these decisions, who does the order come from? It is obvious that the subject not even too hidden of this accusation, both Bin Salman. Very clear intent to close around the young heir to the throne the circle of a conjecture daughter of a murder premeditated certainly, but concosted by whom? If it had ever been Bin Salman to order such an event, one could only call him a madman who decides to subvert without any explanation a career of international leader, from the modern character and reformer. Too many mistakes Marchiani, almost served on a silver platter to the media around the world, and all converging on him, as if by paradox, you organize a murder of state, without any attention to the creation of filters and protections able to ensure To the principal an aura of innocence, at least believable. And in the end, a clear question comes out of this. Khashoggi’s death, to whom did he get an advantage? His elimination to who caused a problem? These questions could also make us opt for a hypothesis, an indirect coup attempt, a phantom coup conducted by invisible hands and carried forward with the intent of destroying all of Bin Salman’s credibility and exiling him of power even before he is Officially surrendered by the reigning Elder. In This drawing instead, it seems to unite the dots of the enigmystic week, with that typical simplicity of the game from the weekend. And all this cannot fail to prove to be frankly illogical (and artedly and artificially built by a third party) in the eyes of an analyst. In the meanwhile, Erdogan, in the silence of the European countries, in recent days announced the will of a new offensive, a military operation against the Kurdish people in the Sinjar region straddling the Iraqi border, which could alienate Turkey from Every Nato strategy, and make dialogue with the countries of Europe even more complicated.