El terrorismo no ha muerto

Souad Sbai (Centro Studi Averroè) denounces Salvini’s hypocrisy on Qatar, the absence of civil rights and terrorism financing Qatar is the country that finances Al Qaeda

Qatar is the country that finances Al Qaeda

“Here in Qatar I have found a welcoming country that is growing strong and that is willing to work with Italy. There are many opportunities for Italian companies due to the “Made in Italy” is loved, as demonstrated by the metro line created by an Italian group and many other sectors, including that of security and anti-terrorism. This is the commercial and cultural partnership that interests me.”

These words come from our Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini. What a hypocrisy! especially considering that, a year ago, on the day when Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain announced the breakdown of diplomatic relations with Qatar because it financed and finances terrorism, Salvini requested to know the truth about Qatar in Italy, to whom the money was directed and what was the purpose.

Instead, nowadays he is to kneel down and throw out wrong messages maybe inspired by the local ambassador who, of course, is pro-Qatar. Mr. Salvini should have gone to see what happens in that country with the 2022 World Cup, where dozens of workers die every day. They die because there are no rights in that country.

Of course, from the outside everything is beautiful since they take you with limousines and the hotels are wonderful; but we must see what is behind all this and we are not allowed to see. Entrepreneurs have been doing business with Qatar for quite a while, so Salvini has not discovered the hot water.

The Prime Minister and his wife visited Italy before the elections and influenced them. They have power and money to do it. Let’s not forget that Qatar is the country that finances and financed Al Qaeda.

I fighted and fight against terrorism, even risking my life because they are capable of everything. Saudi Arabia along with the Emirates, especially with Al Salman, is trying to cage Qatar, but it is a difficult goal to achieve if Europe continues to have an aseptic position because Qatar has huge interest in all the big European companies and banks Fortunately, there are still associations such as Amnesty International and others that make the problem present; but we are far from solving it.



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