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By Adriano Segatori

Taking the opportunity of a word or a conduct is part of a strategy, of a decision that takes into account the field of action and the objectives to be achieved, as the studied sacrifice of a piece of chess can have the purpose of reaching the winning move for the conquest of the king.
In politics this procedure has been known since time immemorial, it is almost part of its very nature.

As in war, of which politics is the physically bloodless representation, even a withdrawal, the granting of a truce or the collapse of a position can be tactics favorable to a winning strategy on the long road.

So far nothing to complain about.

Another is opportunism, failure to respect promises announced or processes already defined, with the aim of maintaining personal interests or responding to hidden and incommunicable blackmail.

If we then add the incompetence or the political incapacity to support an effective doctrine and to define a strategic vision, or even the fear of taking a stand and supporting one’s thesis, here the disaster becomes a rather concrete possibility.

Salvini goes to Qatar and Souad Sbai stigmatizes the fact, known to all, that this country finances international Islamic terrorism and does not respect human rights.

In addition, the 2016 survey by Gian Micalessin published the title “If Qatar buys us, the Jihad of luxury and business”, which concerns the economic war against the West with the investment of billions, because “Islam chic has a clear strategy: conquer the world, you do not need the sword, business is enough “.

Now, no preliminary decision on this trip, but some doubts we can afford.

It was a strategy of Mussolini, the disbelieving interpreter called “the man of Providence” by Pius XI, in proceeding to the Concordat with the Catholic Church.

It was a strategy of Stalin, the communist father of Holy Mother Russia, to share the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with the Nazi Hitler, Führer of the millennial Reich.

It was a strategy of the Christian Democrat Aldo Moro to agree with the Palestinians, Muslims and terrorists, to avoid terror on Italian soil.

Some, these, of other innumerable strategies that in politics have represented as opportunities of mutual interest and of common tactics.

But these were, for better or worse, statesmen. They were characters with a high sense of the nation, of sovereignty, of community destiny; they had a vision of the world, a cultural depth, a high capacity to know the enemy and themselves, just to dust off Sun Tzu; they had an organic people to refer to.

In Italy and in Europe today there are no statesmen, but managers; managers of a technical-economic apparatus alienated in the worst technocracy; officials in a system that makes no sense of history, nor of destiny.

That these representatives are confronted with representatives of a theocratic power in which religion and law coincide, and in which the all-encompassing idea of ​​a reality to which to tend and modify according to their own doctrine and their will, a bit of bewilderment, is present of doubt and uncertainty causes them. electoradio