The Unveiled Window

The Unveiled Window

We live in an upside down world where the winners are the petrodollars, the violence, the censorship, the terror and the trivialization

By Souad Sbai

More than a month ago, Acmid (Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy) supported the campaign against the advert launched by a well-known fashion brand that used an image on its website showing two smiling girls in jeans and jackets; one of them has a voluminous curly hair while the other girl covers her head with a veil.

As President of Acmid, as woman, I have decided to face this new challenge and fight against those who propose this sort of advertisement; against those who do not understand that behind that veil these little girls will no longer have a free life; they will no longer have a life.

This case took place in August in France; today I read that Marks and Spencer, one of the most popular and widespread British department stores, is selling, in the category called “school clothes”, also called “indispensable”, one of the many versions of the traditional Islamic veil, the hijab (a veil that covers the whole head and part of the torso, except the face. The hijab is designed to fit girls under the age of 9. The cost of imprisoning a girl is 6 pounds in total, that is, about 6.86 euros.

Two years ago, Marks and Spencer ended up being the center of the controversy after being accused of sexism for selling the burkini. This is what happens in modern England, a country that has 140 Islamic schools and 20 of them are financed by the State. This happened thanks to the petrodollars used by the Muslim Brotherhood to break, more and more deeply, into a Europe that has lost all immunological defenses to defend itself against the Sharia virus that is now exposed even in shop windows. This will continue to happen thanks to the “silence of the honest” or sinister intellectuals who are outraged, even worried, when a poster is published in favor of the traditional family, as happened a few days ago in Rome. Mayor Virginia Raggi ordered to remove the posters immediately “because they hurt LGBT sensitivity.” However, nobody is disturbed or hurt seeing a little girl veiled and deprived of her freedom.

We live in an upside down world where the winners are the petrodollars, the violence, the censorship, the terror and the trivialization and the losers are our freedom, the rights, the beauty, the life…

This is one of the many radicalization processes that we are living passively. These radicalization processes – duly denounced by Acmid – began in 1990 through the activities promoted, financed and supported by the Islamist radicalism typical of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, someone wanted to speed up the radicalization process of the first generation of Muslim women in Europe using economic resources from circuits linked to the world of Qatari petrodollars, to the Turkish policy, to Iran’s military know-how and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Following these policies based on the expansion and spread of Islamist radicalism, some leaders in the media, politics, associations and cultural movements have been hired and placed in a situation of full dependence. Only through the implementation of unambiguous policies will it be possible to stop what currently must be understood as an irreversible process, and that could lead Europe to profound and radical changes in habits, customs and, above all, in the mentality of Western man. The fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood, in fact, pursues its objective using a large amount of financial resources, under an apparent multicultural integration that hides the threat of cultural, social and political colonization: that is, the conquest of Europe at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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