¿Quién hizo desaparecer a Khashoggi?

Khashoggi: The Truth in the Hands Of Qatar’s Emir What happened to Jamal Khashoggi?

What happened to Jamal Khashoggi? This question should be answered by Qatar.

By Souad Sbai

What happened to Jamal Khashoggi? This question should be answered by Qatar. The Saudi journalist who disappeared in Istanbul seems to have been victim of a new plot designed by Doha’s regime along with its faithful pawns belonging to the Islamist international of the Muslim Brotherhood, which currently has its main geopolitical outpost and operational base in Sultan Erdogan’s Turkey.

Khashoggi had become a puppet maneuvered by the Muslim Brotherhood, and this is a fact that Khashoggi himself has never done anything to deny or conceal. Just read his editorial published at the end of August by the Washington Post. Starting from the release of a book on the fall of Morsi and the rise of Al Sisi in Egypt authored by a colleague of the New York Times (namely David D. Kirkpatrick, another westerner who was struck down by the light on the road to political Islam), Khashoggi clearly illustrates his own vision founded on the cult of the Muslim Brotherhood, by resorting to argumentations that are nothing short of specious and unsustainable.

To regard the Muslim Brotherhood as the only hope for freedom and change in the Middle East after centuries of tyranny, as Khashoggi does so convincingly, can only be the result of a profound ideological and psychological manipulation: an art in which the Muslim Brothers are notorious masters, having been part of their typical modus operandi for almost a century. Democracy, pluralism, and even the secular state, for the Muslim Brotherhood are nothing more than Trojan horses for the conquest of power before covering the whole society with the veil of their doctrine, based on an ultra-Orthodox and fundamentalist approach to the Islamic religion.

To prove all this, it was not necessary to wait for Morsi to implement the Muslim Brotherhood’s project for Egypt: sufficed to observe the Khomeinist regime in Iran, the Hamas regime in Gaza, and the Turkish drift under Erdogan’s yoke.

The Egyptian people, the same people who had taken to the streets against Mubarak, acted before it was too late, giving rise to what Khashoggi and his companions – quite annoyed by this development -, have derogatively labeled as counter-revolution. In the article, the journalist lashes out even against Barack Obama for his lack of support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: a false account of the historical facts, which completely ignores the ill-concealed understanding between the previous US administration and the “Ikhwan” in the context of the so-called Arab Spring, and the cold relations between Washington and Al Sisi after the fall of Morsi. In addition, Khashoggi cannot fail to attack the Trump administration. He blames the US President for succumbing to the pressures of “his” Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, by increasing the US hostility towards the Muslim Brotherhood to the point that he wants to officially declare it as a terrorist organization.

Kashoggi’s love for the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam dates back to the 80s, when the thought of the “Ikhwan” had gained ground also in Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi belongs to the same generation of Bin Laden, who was deeply influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood as of the university years until the creation of Al Qaeda. Kashoggi always showed his esteem and friendship for Bin Laden, whom he interviewed when he was in Afghanistan, and he wept his death with immense pain on Twitter. Predictably, the total breaking of relations with Saudi Arabia occurred just a few years later.

Since the beginning of the Gulf crisis in June 2017, Kashoggi acted as spokesperson for the propaganda and narratives adopted by Qatar, Al Jazeera, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s media and electronic army. He harshly criticized the embargo imposed by the Arab Quartet against the terrorism towards Doha, as well as the military intervention of the Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in Yemen to support the legitimate and internationally recognized government in the liberation of the country from the occupation of Houthi militias. The latter are armed and financed by the Iranian Khomeinist regime, with the flanking of the Qatari intelligence and the local Muslim Brotherhood (the Al Islah party).

In sum, before his mysterious disappearance in Istanbul, Kashoggi was a full-fledged member of the international network of journalists, experts, diplomats, politicians, and businessmen on the Qatari payroll and under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The “Ikhwan” had literally become Kashoggi’s new family. However, his Islamist girlfriend, and his friendships with influential members of Erdogan’s entourage and with the Sultan himself, are increasingly proving to be part of a major and premeditated deceptive scheme, aimed at hitting the new Saudi leadership with a powerful media and diplomatic bomb.

The Turkish intelligence that does not stop the alleged commando landed at Istanbul’s airport from Riyadh to eliminate Khashoggi; the video recording the movements of the alleged executioners in front of Saudi Arabia’s embassy and consulate composed of old images, according to revelations reported by the main Arab media; the protests against Saudi Arabia staged on command by organizations linked to Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood; the support offered by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Al Thani, to his “brother” Erdogan in dealing with the crisis with Saudi Arabia: this looks like a prepared screenplay featuring Kashoggi in the role of the protagonist, as well as unaware victim of his own Muslim Brothers. The truth about the Khashoggi case is in Doha and it is there, more than in Istanbul or Riyadh, that should be sought.

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