Qatar also "buys" Germany. There are those who say no

Qatar also “buys” Germany. There are those who say no Qatar wants to invest in Germany

Qatar wants to invest in Germany

By Souad Sbai

Qatar aims for Germany and has a great financial investment plan. The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Great Britain and Europe rise the alarm: they are petrodollars stained with blood.

Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, the former Qatari Interior Minister who visited Germany on September 6, has a long history of ties to terrorism.

Qatar’s goals have no limits. The largest financier of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the international terrorism has its sights set on Germany, the economic lung of Europe.

In connection with the Investment Forum between Germany and Qatar, which took place on Thursday and Friday in Berlin, Qatar’s Finance Minister, Ali Sharif al Amadi, said that Qatar looks at Germany as a major player in the world economy and is optimistic talking about the developments in the German market.

In fact, Qatar plans to invest billions of dollars in Germany, paying special attention to medium-sized companies. The German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) would be targeting German manufacturing companies “Mittelstand”.

Qatar’s Finance Minister Ali Sharif al-Emadi told Handelsblatt that his delegation will announce big and new investments. Qatar, the world’s largest liquefied natural gas exporter (LNG), holds shares in companies such as Volkswagen, German Bank, Siemens, Hochtief and SolarWorld. Qatar “spends” around 20 billion in Germany. However, in Germany there are those who say “no” to these petrodollars stained with blood. This is the case of Arab Organization for Human Rights in Great Britain and in Europe, which on the occasion of the German-Qatari Economic Forum asked the German authorities to arrest Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, due to the former Qatari Interior Minister was going to visit Germany.

On the other hand, the relationship between Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani and terrorism is vox populis. For this reason, the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Great Britain and Europe calls for prosecution of the former Qatari Interior Minister for his ties with terrorism.

A journal reports that Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani interacted with Osaba bin Laden who traveled to Qatar between 1996 and 2000 to visit him. At that time, Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani was the Qatari Minister Of Foreign Affairs; currently ranked number 14 on the list of international terrorists created by the countries that fight against terrorism. The list also includes the names of 59 terrorists financed and supported by the Qatari authorities. In the last 20 years, there have been a large number of documents made by the intelligence services and reports made by media that link Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani with violent organizations. According to US authorities, for some time, he even hid 100 terrorists in his factory in Qatar.

Today, there are many nations around the world becoming the “factories” of the Qatari Emirate, where our values, our culture, we ourselves will be the animals that will become slaughterhouse meat. The terrorist attacks teach us this. Although too often we forget it after having cried some tears of solidarity for the occasion.

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