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Souad Sbai talks about the Libyan crisis

I have done nothing but open the eyes of Italy and show the truth that Islamic radicalism hides.

Souad Sbai, former member of the Italian Parliament threatened by Islamic extremists speaks about Libya: “They want me dead”.

Souad Sbai – journalist, former member of the Italian Parliament and president of ACMID (Moroccan Women’s Association in Italy) – took part in the radio program “L’Italia s’è desta” (Italy has awakened); A program conducted by Gianluca Fabi, Matteo Torrioli and Daniel Moretti, on Campus Radio Cusano, the broadcaster of Niccolò Cusano University.

Souad Sbai talks about the Libyan crisis: “We are not at all linked to these Mediterranean countries. We are too provincial compared to the countries on the other side of the Mediterranean. If we do not follow what happens on the other side of the sea, obviously, we lose the plot. It is clear that France is much more linked to Libya than Italy. We have to pay the price for not allowing immigrants to reach our shores. However, with Berlusconi there was an agreement whereby Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader, gave everything to Italy but Sarkozy did not like this agreement and we all know what happened.

Gaddafi controlled the jihadist militias but now Libya has become a powder keg of jihadism. Haftar is a general who was on Gaddafi’s side and who knows how to handle the situation; but Italy supports Sarraj.

Fayez al Sarraj was never voted by the Libyan people, he was placed there after the Arab Springs of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sarraj has been chosen by the UN, but Libyans have not been asked about what they prefer.

I have nothing to say to Salvini because the less we put our hands in this situation, the more we will feel free and calm. Now it is no longer possible to carry out a diplomatic activity.

The terrorists who were in Syria have moved to Libya and now they have the situation in the palm of their hand. What can we do? Let’s listen to what the Arab countries say. The Arab countries have distanced themselves from terrorism in the last year and they have created a group against terrorism; I would listen to them but the problem is that we only have one ear.”

Souad Sbai remains without bodyguard.

“I suffered two really unpleasant attacks, I was physically attacked. Last week I received a series of threats that Digos is currently investigating…

This is a strange country. I have done nothing but open the eyes of Italy and show the truth that Islamic radicalism hides. From one day to the next, four days after Minniti ceases to be the Minister of the Interior of the Italian Republic, I find myself without bodyguard. Not even Salvini has done anything about it. Maybe someone wants me dead.

Do not think that living escorted is a privilege; perhaps it is for those who do nothing but certainly not for those who are threatened by ISIS and Islamic extremism.

TV no longer call me; They want to isolate me to later attack me. But I’m not going to play that game. I am against Islamic extremism in Italy and I will continue fighting because I want to defend my country.


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