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The Muslim Brotherhood Power: a plot already written

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Souad Sbai

By Souad Sbai

The Muslim Brotherhood wrote their plans to conquer the cultural hegemony in the first place and later political hegemony decades ago. Plans clearly explained in a report drawn up by the CIA in 1986 on the assessment of the Islamist threat in Egypt. But these plans are not limited to the Egyptian takeover; they also take aim at the Middle East and at the West.

It was all written in a dossier dated 1986 but recently disclosed. The CIA predicted the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan Muslimin). A threat that is not immediate, says the report but it has a good chance of becoming a reality in the long term, as in fact it happened twenty-five years later, with the so-called Arab Spring.

The operational methods that appear in the project to conquer Egypt were already known by the American information services: to get large amounts of money through financial activities and through the construction, trade and services sectors and then use the money to give the necessary impetus to their infiltration in the vital ganglia of society to recruit academics, students, journalists, professionals and businessmen, while expanding their affiliate network even in the lower social classes thanks to the social assistance networks.

The objective: the establishment of an ultraconservative and fundamentalist Islamist State.

The CIA explains that the tactical choice of a “gradual approach” was aimed at putting the Muslim Brotherhood away from the government repression that had already negatively affected the movement in the past. The death penalty for the ideologist Said Qutb in 1966 was the high point of this repression. Leader’s elimination and the imprisonment of the middle managers were not enough to neutralize the “Ikhwan” and make them harmless. Anwar Sadat knows something about it…

It is interesting the contemporaneity of the Egyptian President’s murder in 1981 and of the drafting of the “Project” to conquer the West in 1982. This document, found in 2001, shows how the Muslim Brotherhood were planning to take power in Europe and in the United States, not only in Egypt and in the rest of the Middle East.

Mubarak kept the movement in a state of illegality but the use of their services in dealing with the extremist jihadists will be considered equivalent to recognition of the “Ikhwan’s” role, who thanks to the fundamental legitimacy of the authorities, were able to continue with the occupation of the “bunkers” of the Egyptian society, in a process very similar to the one that had as protagonist the Italian Communist Party.

In the report, the United States Information Service clearly expresses its concern over the prospect of a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Their ideology, strongly anti-American and anti-Western, would lead to a significant change in the trend of Cairo’s foreign and security policy.

Hostility towards the West is inscribed on the genetic code of the movement since its birth in 1928 and, in this regard, the CIA’s report discloses the thought of the founder Hassan Al Banna, Tariq Ramadan’s grandfather, the Islamist academic loved by the left and by the prestigious academic centers from all over Europe. Ramadan, who is currently in a French prison accused of sexual assault, embodies the essence of “taqqiya” – the art of dissimulation typical of the Muslim Brotherhood – clearly evident when he promotes his idea of European Islam that hides his gradualist approach to conquer the Old Continent, in the wake of that adopted by the Egyptian “Ikhwan” to get Mubarak’s fall.

Among the Muslim Brotherhood leaders is Yussuf Al Qaradawi, the sheikh of Al Jazeera who was already in Qatar. But if everything was written, even if the protagonists of that bloody Arab Spring had already been identified, why have not the Muslim Brotherhood members been arrested? Why did the West, with Obama’s United States in the lead, even offer the indispensable help to Mohammed Morsi to become the president of Egypt? The answer lies in the short-sighted conviction that the “Ikhwan” would have embraced the “civil and legal status” of the Western model; just as the propaganda of the media and certain leftist intellectuals that affirmed turned into a state policy and a global common place.

However, the Egyptian people rejected the sacrificial victim role and rebelled against the attempt to impose the ideological dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood, in spite of the Obama administration and the European Union. But neither Morsi’s fall, the secular Tunisia that continues to block Ennahda, nor the failed attempt to seize power in Syria and Libya, have succeeded in reducing the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ambitions that are still alive thanks to the pact between devils; the pact between the Qatari regime of Hamad and Tamim Al Thani and the Erdogan’s Turkey: the devils who wanted to turn that spring into an Islamist winter.

It was all written: the conquest of the Middle East and the conquest of the West. The global Caliphate – officially re-launched by ISIS and also dreamed by Al Qaeda – is the goal by which the “Ikhwan” came into the world immediately after the end of the Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the Caliphate with its capital in Istanbul in 1924.

It was all written, so if Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood succeed in executing their “Project” of conquest, the West will not be able to say that it was caught by surprise but that it will be an accomplice to its own capitulation.

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