Youssef Bella

New Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rome

Youssef Bella

King Mohammed VI on Monday (August 20th) appointed 14 new ambassadors, including two women, on a proposal from DFAIT, Nasser Bourita.

The list.

The list of new ambassadors appointed by the king includes Hassan Abouyoub, appointed in Bucharest (Romania).

Youssef Bella, former Moroccan ambassador in Lima (Peru), replaces Abouyoub at the head of the Moroccan Embassy in Rome.

The former Moroccan ambassador to Russia, Samir Eddahre, is now head of the Kingdom’s embassy to UNESCO, passing the baton to Lotfi Bouchaara, Morocco’s new ambassador to Moscow.

Khalid Naciri, former Minister of Communication, has been appointed new ambassador to Jordan, replacing Mohamed Setri, who has become ambassador to the emirate of Qatar.

Mohamed Al Azrak, SG of DFAIT, has been appointed as Morocco’s new ambassador to Turkey; Azeddine Ferhane to Austria; Yasser Faress to Argentina; Youssef Amrani, Mission Manager at the Royal Palace, Ambassador to Pretoria (South Africa).

There are also two women on the list: Raja Naji Mekkaoui, new ambassador to the Vatican, and Zhour Alaoui, new ambassador to Germany.


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